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1996 Yampi Shelf, Browse Basin Airborne Laser Fluorosensor Survey Interpretation Report : (WGC Browse survey number 1248.1) Cowley, R. 2000 04/Dec/2001
1998 Yampi Shelf, Browse Basin Airborne Laser Fluorosensor Survey Interpretation Report : (WGC Yampi Survey) Cowley, R. 2003 04/Dec/2001
AAPG 2000 Conference Bali Edwards, D.S.Kennard, J.M. 2000 04/Dec/2001
Mk II Airborne Laser Fluorosensor Survey Reprocessing and Interpretation Report: Timor Sea, Australia Cowley, R. 2001 04/Dec/2001
Mk II airborne laser fluorosensor survey reprocessing and interpretation report: Barrow Sub-basin, Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Australia Cowley, R. 2001 04/Dec/2001
Geology of the Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica Mikhalsky, E.V.Sheraton, J.W.Laiba, A.A.Tingey, R.J.Thost, D.E.Kamenev, E.N.Fedorov, L.V. 2001 29/Nov/2001
Hamersley Province seismic survey 1997: operational report Goleby, B.R.Barton, T.J.Jones, L.E.A.Cherry, E.H. 2001 18/Oct/2001
Hamersley Province seismic survey 1997: processing report Jones, L.E.A.Goleby, B.R. 2001 18/Oct/2001
AGSO Marine Survey 176 Direct Hydrocarbon Detection North-West Australia: Yampi Shelf; Southern Vulcan Sub-Basin; Sahul Platform (July/September 1996) -Operational Report and Data Compendium- Wilson, D.J. 2000 04/Oct/2001
GEOMAT - Modelling of Continental Shelf Sediment Mobility in Support of Australia's Regional Marine Planning Process Harris, P.T.Smith, R.Anderson, O.Coleman, R.Greenslade, D. 2000 04/Oct/2001
Kalgoorlie seismic profiling 1997 : operations, processing, and interpretation report Owen, A.J.Bateman, R.Barton, T.J.Drummond, B.J.Goleby, B.R.Sauter, P.C.C. 2000 04/Oct/2001
Reduced granites and volcanics of the central Victorian magmatic province : field excursion guide Gray, C.M.White, A.J.R. 2001 04/Oct/2001
S-type granites and related rocks : a collection of abstracts for a symposium held to mark the 70th birthday of professor Allan White, 11-12 January 2001 Chappell, B.Fleming, P. 2001 04/Oct/2001
Seismic tomography of Tasmania: data processing report Collins, C.D.N.Semenova, T.O. 2000 04/Oct/2001
Northwest Australian margin regional studies Kennard, J.M.Petkovic, P.Goncharov, A. 2000 28/Jun/2001
Australian Petroleum Systems. Dampier Sub-basin module Spencer, L.Needham, J.Edgecombe, S.Bradshaw, J.Foster, C.Bradshaw, M.T.Vizy, J.Zuccaro, G. 1993 27/Jun/2001
Australian Petroleum Systems. Exmouth Plateau & Outer Rankin Platform module Spencer, L.Sayers, J.Bradshaw, J.Bradshaw, M.T.Foster, C.Murray, A.Edwards, D.S.Zuccaro, G.Buchanan, C.Apps, H. 1995 27/Jun/2001
Australian Petroleum Systems. Papuan basin module Winn, S.Wilmot, J.Noonan, J.Bradshaw, J.Bradshaw, M.T.Foster, C.Murray, A.Vizy, J.Zuccaro, G. 1994 27/Jun/2001
Australian Petroleum Systems. Roebuck and Offshore Canning Basins - Beagle Sub-basin module Sayers, J.Spencer, L.Foster, C.Bradshaw, J.Bradshaw, M.T.Blevin, J.E.Murray, A.Edwards, D.S.Borissova, I.Zuccaro, G.Buchanan, C.Edgecombe, S.Brown, T.Vizy, J. 1995 27/Jun/2001
Elizabeth Creek project : buried mineral play in Century- equivalent strata, northern Lawn Hill Platform, Queensland Bradshaw, B.E.Scott, D.L.Krassay, A.A.Southgate, P.N. 1998 20/Jun/2001