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Petroleum exploration and development in Australia : activity and results, 1985 BMR. Petroleum Branch. 1986 01/Jan/1986
Pressure testing (single well and interference) -computer programs PULSE and PUPLT Morrison, Nardi, R.W. 1986 01/Jan/1986
RE and HFS (Ti, Zr, Nb, P, Y) element evolution of Archaean mafic-ultramafic volcanic suites, Pilbara Block, Western Australia Glikson, A.Y.Pride, C.Jahn, B.Davy, R.Hickman, A.H. 1986 01/Jan/1986
Ranford Hill, Northern Territory : data record of 1:100,000 scale mapping Stuart-Smith, P.G.Needham, R.S.Bagas, L. 1986 01/Jan/1986
Regolith terrain units of the Hamilton 1:1 000 000 sheet area, Western Victoria Ollier, C.D.Joyce, E.B. 1986 01/Jan/1986
Report on a visit to the Soviet Union, 8-22 June 1986 Drummond, B.J. 1986 01/Jan/1986
Review of the Cambrian and Ordovician palaeontology of the Amadeus Basin, central Australia Shergold, J.H. 1986 01/Jan/1986
Rig seismic research cruise 2 : Kerguelen Plateau, Southern Indian Ocean, initial report Ramsay, D.C.Colwell, J.B. 1986 01/Jan/1986
Sediments down under : field excursions. 12th International Sedimentological Congress 24th-30th August 1986 Canberra, Australia AGSO 1986 01/Jan/1986
Stow region, Northern Territory; data record of 1:100 000 scale mapping Stuart-Smith, P.G.Needham, R.S.Bagas, L. 1986 01/Jan/1986
The economic viability of deep seabed mining of polymetallic nodules Ingham, P.D. 1986 01/Jan/1986
The regolith terrain map of Australia 1:5,000,000 Chan, R.A.Craig, M.A.D'Addario, G.W.Gibson, D.L.Ollier, C.D.Taylor, G. 1986 01/Jan/1986
VALAL and ASSAD : two computer programs for estimating and summing undiscovered petroleum reserves Hinde, A.L. 1986 01/Jan/1986
Volcanic activity in Papua New Guinea before 1944: an annotated bibliography of reported observations Palfreyman, W.D.Johnson, R.W.Cooke, R.J.S.Bultitude, R.J. 1986 01/Jan/1986
Yeuralba region, Northern Territory : data record of 1:100000 scale mapping Needham, R.S.Stuart-Smith, P.G.Bagas, L. 1986 01/Jan/1986
A geological study of the northern part of the Fortescue- Cobia-Halibut field, Gippsland Basin, Victoria Felton, E.A. 1985 01/Jan/1985
A proposal for ODP-drilling on the Australian continental margin in the Otway Basin/West Tasmania region Willcox, J.B.Branson, J.C.Exon, N.F. 1985 01/Jan/1985
A stream sediment geochemical orientation survey of the Davenport province, Northern Territory Hoatson, D.M.Cruikshank, B.I. 1985 01/Jan/1985
Abstracts, ACORP Deep Seismic Reflection Profiling Workshop, 18-20 May, 1982 Canberra Moss, F.J.Goleby, B.R. 1985 01/Jan/1985
An estimate of Australian production of crude oil during 1985 to 1994 Forman, D.J. 1985 01/Jan/1985