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Tertiary foraminifera and age of sediments, Ok Tedi-Wabag, Papua New Guinea Belford, D.J. 1984 01/Jan/1984
The 1982 Wyalong earthquakes (NSW) and recent crustal deformation Denham, D.Jones, T.Weekes, J. 1984 05/Jun/2014
The AUSTCO database system: user manual Hinde, A.L. 1984 01/Jan/1984
The Mud Tank Carbonatite, Strangways Range, central Australia Crohn, P.W.Moore, D.H. 1984 05/Jun/2014
The age of the diamond-bearing pipes and associated leucite lamproites of the West Kimberley region, Western Australia Jaques, A.L.Webb, A.W.Fanning, C.M.Black, L.P.Pidgeon, R.T.Ferguson, J.Smith, C.B.Gregory, G.P. 1984 05/Jun/2014
The future outlook for petroleum in Australia in 1984 : speaking notes and slides (paper presented at Petroleum and Minerals Review Conference, March 1984) Forman, D.J. 1984 01/Jan/1984
The geology of the Kurundi Region 1:100 000 map sheet, Davenport Province, NT Stewart, A.J.Blake, D.H. 1984 01/Jan/1984
The response and calibration of seismographs at Riverview College Observatory, New South Wales, 1909-1962 Drake, L.A. 1984 05/Jun/2014
Treposellidae (Beyrichiacea: Ostracoda) from the latest Devonian (Strunian) of the Bonaparte Basin, Western Australia Jones, P.J. 1984 05/Jun/2014
VALAM and ARLAM : two computer programs for estimating hypothetical petroleum resources using prosect areas and field sizes Hinde, A.L. 1984 01/Jan/1984
Workshop on Early to Middle Proterozoic of Northern Australia, 5-6 November, 1984 : the BMR model - a discussion paper Etheridge, M.A.Wyborn, L.A.I.Rutland, R.W.R.Page, R.W.Blake, D.H.Drummond, B.J. 1984 01/Jan/1984
Workshop proceedings : interpretation of seismic wave propagation in laterally heterogeneous structures Finlayson, D.M.Ansorge, J. 1984 01/Jan/1984
A heavy-mineral survey of the Forsayth area northeast Queensland Rossiter, A.G. 1983 05/Jun/2014
A new antiarchan fish (Placodermi) from the Late Devonian of southeastern Australia Young, G.C. 1983 05/Jun/2014
A re-assessment of stromatolite evidence for the correlation of the late Proterozoic Neale and Ilma beds, Officer Basin, Western Australia Grey, K.Jackson, M.J. 1983 05/Jun/2014
Abstracts : twelfth BMR Symposium, 17-18 May, 1983, Canberra Bureau of Mineral Resources 1983 01/Jan/1983
Alice Springs Region 1:100 000 geological map commentary Offe, L.A. 1983 13/Mar/2014
Alice Springs, Northern Territory: 1:250,000 Geological Series - Explanatory Notes Shaw, R.D.Wells, A.T. 1983 17/Apr/2014
An instrument for simultaneous measurement of Eh and pH in boreholes Seers, K.J. 1983 05/Jun/2014
Analyses of geological, geophysical and physical property data from the southwest Arunta Block, NT Mutton, A.J.Shaw, R.D.Wilkes, P.G. 1983 01/Jan/1983