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Pressure pulse testing of oil wells Stillwell, K.L. 1982 21/Dec/1999
Queen Street cable tunnel, Melbourne, Victoria : engineering geology completion report, 1981 Wilson, E.G. 1981 21/Dec/1999
Report on a visit to China, 15-30 September 1982 Rutland, R.W.R.Denham, D. 1982 21/Dec/1999
Report on pyritic aggregate and the cause of warping in concrete paving flags, Parkes Place, Canberra, ACT Haldane, A.D. 1981 21/Dec/1999
Stability analysis of the southwestern slope of Tuggeranong Hill, ACT, 1977 Macias, L.F. 1981 21/Dec/1999
Summary of petroleum exploration drilling, Exmouth Plateau, to 31 December 1980 Nicholas, E. 1981 21/Dec/1999
Tripartite investigations of the marine geology of the South Pacific : preliminary report of activities undertaken during the first cruise of the R.V. Kana Keoki Burne, R.V. 1982 21/Dec/1999
UV fluorescence analysis of seawater samples from AGSO Survey 207, Western Australia Edwards, D.S.Crawford, N. 1999 21/Dec/1999
Workshop, comparison of the Cuddapah Basin, India and the Adelaide Geosyncline, Australia : report of overseas visit - January, 1981 Plumb, K.A. 1981 21/Dec/1999
Geology of the De La Poer (3443) and Urarey (3343) 1:100 000 sheet areas, Yilgarn Block, Western Australia Stewart, A.J. 1999 01/Dec/1999
Australia's gold resources 1998: a review Huleatt, M.B. 1999 21/Oct/1999
Gravity, Magnetic and Bathymetry Grids from Levelled Data for Northwest Australia Petkovic, P.Morse, M.P.Brett, J.Murray, A.S.Webster, M.A.Grabovszky, T.M.Mackey, T.E.Roche, P. 1999 07/Oct/1999
2nd Petroleum Research & Development Priorites Workshop in Hyatt Hotel Canberra February 15, 1999 Williamson, P.E. 1999 28/Sep/1999
Willaura sheet 7422 Victoria 1:100 000 geological report Stuart-Smith, P.G. 1999 28/Sep/1999
Continental Shelf Definition in the South Tasman Rise Region: Law of the Sea Survey 202, Preliminary Results Bernardel, G. 1999 17/Sep/1999
Continental shelf definition in the Kerguelen Plateau region: Law of the Sea survey 180, preliminary results Bernardel, G. 1999 17/Sep/1999
AGSO's Catalog of Everything In: Proceedings of the 4th National Forum on Information Management and GIS in the Geosciences Ryburn, R.J. 1999 19/Aug/1999
AUSTPLAY : a menu driven computer program for the assessment of undiscovered petroleum resources : user's manual Hinde, A.L.Forman, D.J.Radlinski, A.P. 1991 09/Aug/1999
AGSO's national geochronology database of Australia : OZCHRON dataset documentation Page, R.W.Black, L.P.Sun, S.S.Kilgour, B.Hazell, M.S.Wyborn, L.A.I.Ryburn, R.J. 1996 05/Aug/1999
An introduction to topographic maps Lewis, G.B. 1997 05/Aug/1999