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The Australia-Wide Array of Geomagnetic stations (AWAGS) : data corrections Welsh, W.Barton, C. 1997 05/Aug/1999
The Hervey Group (Middle-Upper Devonian) on the Parkes 1:100 000 sheet area, NSW (Lachlan Fold Belt) Young, G.C. 1999 04/Aug/1999
Canberra Queanbeyan and Environs. Notes to accompany geological map Henderson, G.A.M. 1981 13/Jul/1999
AGCRC wide-angle seismic profiling across the Broken Hill Block and eastern Lachlan Fold Belt 1997 : operations report Leven, J.H.Finlayson, D.M.Johnstone, D.W.Barton, T.J.Owen, A.J.Whatman, J. 1999 13/May/1999
Interpretation of Geophysical and Geological Data Sets, Cooper Basin Region, South Australia Meixner, A.J.Boucher, R.K.Yeates, A.N.Frears, R.AGunn, P.J. 1999 13/May/1999
OZMIN documentation : Mount Isa dataset Ewers, G.R.Raymond, O.L.Bastrakov, E.N.Ryburn, R.J.Hazell, M.Kilgour, B. 1999 12/May/1999
Geology and metallogenesis of the Parkes-Grenfell-Wyalong-Condobolin region, New South Wales : Forbes 1:250 000 geological sheet : field conference guide, 11-16 April 1999 Lyons, P.Wallace, D. 1999 30/Apr/1999
AGSO's national geochronology database of Australia : OZCHRON 99 dataset documentation Edgecombe, S.M.Hazell, M.S.Page, R.W.Black, L.P.Sun, S.S.Ryburn, R.J. 1999 22/Apr/1999
Continental Shelf Definition in the Lord Howe Rise & Norfolk Ridge Regions - Law of the Sea Cruise Proposal Lockwood, K.L. 1997 14/Apr/1999
The Broadmere structure : a window into palaeoproterozoic mineralisation, McArthur Basin, Northern Australia Lindsay, J.F. 1999 16/Mar/1999
Scientific and Technical Opportunities to Reduce Australian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rossiter, D.G.Lambert, I.G. 1999 14/Jan/1999
Rapid monitoring and assessment of drought in Papua New Guinea using satellite imagery : final report to United Nations Development Program, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Bierwirth, P.N.McVicar, T.R. 1998 03/Dec/1998
Geology of the Murray-Darling Basin : simplified lithostratigraphic groupings Kingham, R. 1998 15/Oct/1998
Index of airborne geophysical surveys 3rd edition Mitchell, J.N.Milligan, P.R.Simonis, F.Souter, D. 1998 15/Oct/1998
Western water study (Wiluraratja kapi) : groundwater quality in the Papunya-Kintore region, Northern Territory Jacobson, G.Hostetler, S.Wischusen, J.D.H. 1998 15/Oct/1998
The Lower Darling regional steady state groundwater flow model Brodie, R.S. 1998 17/Sep/1998
A groundwater quality assessment of the fractured rock aquifers of the Piccadilly Valley, South Australia Ivkovic, K.M.Watkins, K.L.Cresswell, L.G.Bauld, J. 1998 04/Sep/1998
Digital Terrain Model for the Tasmanian Region : A Pilot Study into Combining Disparate Datasets Bernardel, G. 1998 04/Sep/1998
Mawson Geophysical Observatory annual report, 1997 Roberts, P.I. 1998 04/Sep/1998
Mundaring Geophysical Observatory, report 1994 to 1997 Gregson, P.J.Paull, E.P.Dent, V.F.McConnel, O.D.Van Reeken, L.A.Moiler, Y.M. 1998 04/Sep/1998