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Sandstone uranium deposits associated with hydrocarbon-bearing basins: implications for uranium exploration in Australia Jaireth, S.McKay, A.D.Lambert, I.B. 2008 10/Jul/2008
Samphire Marsh No. 1 Well Western Australia Of West Australian Petroleum Pty Limited Bureau of Mineral Resources 1961 24/Jan/2011
SHRIMP U-Pb detrital zircon results, Lake Frome region, South Australia Cross, A.Jaireth, S.Hore, S.Michaelsen, B.Schofield, A. 2010 16/May/2011
Roebuck and Offshore Canning Basin Biozonation and Stratigraphy Chart No.14 Nicoll, R. 1998 27/Apr/2011
Rig Seismic research cruises 10 & 11 : geology of the central Great Australian Bight region Wilcox, J.B.Stagg, H.M.J.Davies, H.L. 1988 01/Jan/1988
Rig Seismic Geophysical and Geological Research Cruise off Western and Southeastern Tasmania Exon, N.F.Lee, C.S.Hill, P.J. 1989 01/Jan/1989
Rifting and subduction initiation history of the New Caledonia Trough, southwest Pacific, constrained by process-oriented gravity models Hackney, R.Sutherland, R.Collot, J. 2012 11/Apr/2012
Rift Evolution in the Capel and Faust Basins, Offshore Eastern Australia, and Implications for Regional Petroleum Prospectivity Hashimoto, T.Higgins, K.L.Stagpoole, V.Rollet, N.Petkovic, P. 2010 23/Jan/2012
Review and Compilation of Open File Micropalaeontology and Palynology Data from Offshore Tasmania Partridge, A.D.Blevin, J.E.Trigg, K.R.Montgomerie, N.R. 2003 15/May/2012
Resources and geology of Australia's thorium deposits Miezitis, Y.Mernagh, T.P.Lambert, I.B. 2008 08/Feb/2008
Research Cruise Proposal : Light Hydrocarbon Geochemistry of the Bass, Otway, Stansbury and Gippsland Basins, and Torquay Sub-basin, Southeastern Australia : Project 9131.20 Heggie, D.T.O'Brien, G.W. 1989 01/Jan/1989
Regional Potential Field Interpretation Report, Bass Basin : An Output of the Western Tasmania Regional Minerals Program Teasdale, J.Pryer, L.Etheridge, M.Stuart-Smith, P.G.Loutit, T.Shi, Z.Vizy, J.Henley, P. 2003 09/Aug/2005
Reducing exploration risk and promoting exploration with results from the Pine Creek airborne electromagnetic survey, Northern Territory Costelloe, M.Craig, M.A.Liu, S.F.Whitaker, A.J.Hutchinson, D.K. 2010 08/Apr/2010
Reconnaissance Geology Of The Surat Basin Queensland And New South Wales Union Oil Development Corporation Bureau of Mineral Resources 1963 24/Jan/2011
Radiometric Map of Australia Minty, B.Franklin, R.Milligan, P.Richardson, L.M.Wilford, J.R. 2009 08/Nov/2010
Quilpie-Thargomindah-Charleville Seismic Survey, Queensland, 1959-1960 By Phillips Petroleum Company And Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company Bureau of Mineral Resources 1961 24/Jan/2011
Queensland American The Overflow No. 1, Queensland Of Queensland American Oil Company Bureau of Mineral Resources 1963 24/Jan/2011
Quaternary Sediment Cores from the Southern Fairway Basin on the Northern Lord Howe Rise (Tasman Sea) Dickens, G.Exon, N.F.Holdway, D.Lafoy, Y.Auzende, J.Dunbar, G.Summons, R.E. 2001 29/Aug/2001
Puri Seismic Survey, Papua, 1959 By Australasian Petroleum Company Proprietary Limited Bureau of Mineral Resources 1961 24/Jan/2011
Puri No. 1 Well, Papua Of Australasian Petroleum Company Pty Ltd Bureau of Mineral Resources 1961 24/Jan/2011