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Browse Basin High Resolution Seismic Study - North West Shelf, Australia - Interpretation Report Blevin, J.E.Struckmeyer, H.I.M.Boreham, C.J.Cathro, D.L.Sayers, J.Totterdell, J.M. 1997 02/Jul/1997
Browse Basin Organic Geochemistry Study, North West Shelf, Australia Boreham, C.J.Roksandic, Z.Hope, J.M.Summons, R.E.Murray, A.P.Blevin, J.P.Struckmeyer, H.I.M. 1998 01/Jul/1998
Canning Basin Biozonation and Stratigraphy Chart No. 2 Jones, P.J. 1997 20/Apr/2011
Canning Basin Biozonation and Stratigraphy, 2008, Chart No. 31 Nicoll, R.Laurie, J. 2008 27/Apr/2011
Canning Basin Biozonation and Stratigraphy, 2013, Chart 31 Smith, T.E.Edwards, D.S.Kelman, A.P.Laurie, J.R.Le Poidevin, S.R.Nicoll, R.S.Mory, A.J.Haines, P.W.Hocking, R.M. 2013 13/Aug/2013
Capel and Faust Basins - New Information from the Offshore Frontier Between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia Hashimoto, T.Rollet, N.Earl, K.Bernardel, G. 2008 23/Jan/2012
Capricorn and northern Tasman Basins: Structure and Depositional Systems Hill, P.J. 1992 16/Aug/2011
Carnarvon Cretaceous-Tertiary Tie Report Romine, K.K.Durrant, J. 1996 23/Dec/2011
Carnarvon Northern Basin Biozonation and Stratigraphy Chart No. 11 Romine, K.K. 1997 21/Apr/2011
Carnarvon Southern Basin Biozonation and Stratigraphy Chart No. 4 Nicoll, R.S. 1997 21/Apr/2011
Carpenteria Basin Biozonation and Stratigraphy Chart No.16 Nicoll, R. 1998 27/Apr/2011
Ceduna Sub-basin Environmental Summary Hughes, M.G.Nichol, S.L.Totterdell, J.M.Heap, A.D.Fellows, M. 2008 05/Jun/2009
Ceduna Sub-basin, Bight Basin, Results of 3D Petroleum Systems Modelling Struckmeyer, H.I.M. 2009 07/Sep/2009
Cenozoic Volcanism of the Capel-Faust Basins, Northern Lord Howe Rise Dadd, K.Locmelis, M.Higgins, K.L.Hashimoto, T. 2010 14/Apr/2011
Characterisation and Correlation of Active Hydrocarbon Seepage using Geophysical Data Sets: an Example from the Tropical, Carbonate Shelf, the Yampi Shelf, Northwest Australia Rollet, N.Logan, G.Kennard, J.O'Brien, P.Jones, A. 2005 04/Mar/2011
Characterisation of natural gases from west Australian basins Boreham, C.J.Hope, J.M.Edwards, D.S. 2000 27/Apr/2012
Combined Marine and Land Potential-field Datasets for the Southwest Margin of Australia Hackney, R. 2012 29/May/2012
Comparisons of total magnetic intensity grids, combined using Gridmerge, with two independent datasets Milligan, P.R.Minty, B.R.S.Luyendyk, T.Lewis, A. 2001 23/Aug/2002
Conorada Ooroonoo No. 1, Queensland Of Conorada Petroleum Corporation Bureau of Mineral Resources 1963 24/Jan/2011
Constructing geologically-constrained 3D models using 3D Geomodeller: An example from the Paterson Orogen Meixner, A.J.Lane, R.J.L.Czarnota, K.Cassidy, K. 2006 13/Sep/2006