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CO2 storage potential of the Gage Sandstone, Vlaming Sub-basin, offshore southern Perth Basin: A case study based on seismic facies mapping and well log interpretation Lech, M.E.Jorgensen, D.C.Wang, L.Lescinsky, D.T.Borissova, I. 2013 02/Sep/2013
CO2 storage prospectivity of the offshore Vlaming Sub-basin : evaluating containment risk Borissova, I.Bernardel, G.Southby, C.Lech, M.Johnston, S. 2013 02/Sep/2013
Integrated approach to CO2 storage assessment in the offshore South Perth Basin, Australia Borissova, I.Kennard, J.Lech, M.Wang, L.Johnston, S. 2013 02/Sep/2013
Palaeogeographic maps for South Perth Shale Supersequence in the Vlaming Sub-basin (Perth Basin) with the implications for its sealing potential Southby, C.Johnston, S.Lech, M.E.Jorgensen, D.C.Borissova, I. 2013 02/Sep/2013
Palaeogeographic reconstructions: Revealing the lithological variability of the Gage Sandstone and South Perth Shale, Offshore Vlaming Sub-basin Lech, M.E.Southby, C.Lescinsky, D.T.Wang, L.Jorgensen, D.C. 2014 13/Mar/2014
Seabed Environments and Shallow Geology of the Vlaming Sub-Basin, Western Australia - Supporting Investigation for Geological Storage of CO2 GA334 Marine Environmental Survey Post-Survey Report Nicholas, T.Borissova, I.Radke, L.Tran, M.Siwabessy, J. 2012 26/Apr/2013