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Geomorphic Features of the Continental Margin of Australia Harris, P.Heap, A.D.Passlow, V.Sbaffi, L.Fellows, M.Porter-Smith, R.Buchanan, C.Daniell, J. 2005 01/Aug/2005
Geomorphology and Sedimentology of the Northern Marine Planning Area of Australia: Review and Synthesis of Relevant Literature in support of Regional Marine Planning Heap, A.D.Daniell, J.Mazen, D.Harris, P.T.Sbaffi, L.Fellows, M.Passlow, V. 2004 01/Aug/2005
Geoscience Australia Survey 234, Post-cruise Report: Cross-shelf Sediment Transport in the Torres Strait - Gulf of Papua Region. RV Franklin Cruise 01/02, January - February 2004 Harris, P.T.Heap, A.D.Passlow, V.Hughes, M.Porter-Smith, R.Beaman, R.J.Hemer, M.Daniell, J.Buchanan, C.Watson, T.Collins, D.Bleakley, N.Andersen, O. 2002 09/Sep/2004
Conceptual Models of Australia's Estuaries and Coastal Waterways : Applications for Coastal Resource Management Ryan, D.A.Heap, A.D.Radke, L.Heggie, D.T. 2003 21/May/2004
Benthic Nutrient Fluxes in Smiths Lake, NSW Smith, C.S.Heggie, D.T. 2003 06/May/2004
Benthic Nutrient Fluxes in Wallis Lake, NSW - February 2003 Smith, C.S.Heggie, D.T. 2003 06/May/2004
Seafloor Mapping of the South-east Region and Adjacent Waters : AUSTREA-2 Cruise Report: South-east of Tasmania and Southern Macquarie Ridge Bernardel, G.Alcock, M.Petkovic, P.Thomas, S. 2000 12/Nov/2003
Australian Estuaries and Coastal Waterways: A Guide to the Biogeochemistry of Sediments and Water Skyring, G.W.Heggie, D.T. 2002 14/Nov/2002
Collaborative Australia/France Multibeam Seafloor Mapping Survey - Norfolk Ridge to Three Kings Ridge Region : FAUST-2, Preliminary Results Benkhelil, J.Bernardel, G.Buchanan, C.D'Acremont, E.Gorini, C.Lafoy, Y.Nercessian, A.Ryan, J.Smith, N.Van de Beuque, S. 2001 25/Jun/2002
Seafloor Mapping of the South-east Region and Adjacent Waters - AUSTREA Final Report: Southern Macquarie Ridge Bernardel, G.Symonds, P. 2001 25/Jun/2002
Seabed Character Mapping in the Great Australian Bight Rollet, N.Fellows, M.Struckmeyer, H.I.M.Bradshaw, B.E. 2001 15/Mar/2002
Australian Estuaries and Coastal Waterways : A Geoscience Perspective for Improved and Integrated Resource Management : A Report to the National Land & Water Resources Audit Theme 7 : Ecosystem Health Heap, A.D.Bryce, S.Ryan, D.Radke, L.Smith, C.Smith, R.Harris, P.T.Heggie, D. 2001 04/Oct/2001
Post-cruise Report AGSO Survey 217 : Joint Italian/Australian Marine Geoscience Expedition Aboard the R.V. Tangaroa to the George Vth Land Region of East Antarctica during February-March, 2000 : Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions Project no. 1044, Wilkes Land Glacial History (WEGA) Brancolini, G.Harris, P. 2000 08/Jan/2001
AGSO Cruise Report: Cruise 210 : The "Sojourn 7" Swath-mapping Cruise of R.V. Melville off Eastern Tasmania and in the Gippsland Basin Exon, N.Hill, P.J.Keene, J.B.Smith, S.M. 1999 07/Apr/1999
Sustainability in Marine and Coastal Environments : A Canberra Marine Forum Fletcher, P. 1998 24/Dec/1998
AGSO Formats for Marine Navigation Digital Data Parums, R. 1998 24/Jun/1998
Archival Record of Non-seismic Data Processing for Marine Navigation, Gravity, Magnetic and Water Depth Data Parums, R.Petkovic, P.Collins, D. 1998 13/May/1998
Benthic Chambers Nutrient Fluxes and the Biogeochemistry of the Seafloor of Port Phillip Bay 1995 and 1996 Berelson, M.Kilgorie, T.Heggie, D.Skyring, G.Ford, P. 1996 10/Feb/1997
Seismic Streamer Positioning and Water Depth Computation at Receiver Locations : AGSO Marine Data Processing Parums, R. 1996 23/Feb/1996
Benthic Chambers, Nutrient Fluxes and the Biogeochemistry of the Seafloor from Port Phillip Bay, Australia Berelson, W.M. 1996 23/Jul/1995