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Using Inherent Optical Properties to Investigate Biogeochemical Dynamics in a Tropical Macrotidal Coastal System Oubelkheir, K.Clementson, L.Webster, I.T.Ford, P.W.Dekker, A.G.Radke, L.C.Daniel, P. 2006 29/Sep/2009
Acoustic Mapping of Estuarine Benthic Habitats: Results of a Trial in Wallis Lake, NSW Ryan, D.A.Brooke, B.Wilson, J.Creasey, J.Elliot, C.Pearson, R. 2004 24/Sep/2009
Bedload Sediment Transport Dynamics in a Macrotidal Embayment, and Implications for Export to the Southern Great Barrier Reef Shelf Ryan, D.A.Brooke, B.P.Bostock, H.C.Radke, L.C.Siwabessy, P.J.W.Margvelashvili, N.Skene, D. 2007 24/Sep/2009
Benthic Foraminifera as Environmental Indicators in Torres Strait - Gulf of Papua: In Todd, B.J., and Greene, H.G., eds., Mapping the Seafloor for Habitat Characterization Post, A.L.Sbaffi, L.Passlow, V.Collins, D. 2007 24/Sep/2009
Coastal and Estuarine Studies: Interactions between Macro- and Microorganisms in Marine Sediments Kristensen, E.Haese, R.R.Kostka, J.E. 2005 24/Sep/2009
New Quartz SAR-OSL Ages from the Stranded Beach Dune Sequence in South-east South Australia Banerjee, D.Heldebrand, A.N.Murray-Wallace, C.V.Bourman, R.P.Brooke, B.P.Blair, M. 2003 24/Sep/2009
Physical Surrogates for Macrofaunal Distributions and Abundance in a Tropical Gulf Post, A.L.Wassenburg, T.Passlow, V. 2006 24/Sep/2009
Quaternary Aminostratigraphy of Eolianite on Lord Howe Island, Southwest Pacific Ocean Brooke, B.P.Murray-Wallace, C.V.Woodroffe, C.D.Heijnis, H.R. 2003 24/Sep/2009
Quaternary Calcarenite Stratigraphy on Lord Howe Island, Southwestern Pacific Ocean and the Record of Coastal Carbonate Deposition Brooke, B.P.Woodroffe, C.D.Murray-Wallace, C.V.Heijnis, H.R.Jones, B.G. 2003 24/Sep/2009
The Influence of Geomorphology and Sedimentary Processes on Shallow-water Benthic Habitat Distribution: Esperance Bay, Western Australia Ryan, D.A.Brooke, B.P.Collins, L.B.Kendrick, G.A.Baxter, K.J.Bickers, A.N.Siwabessy, P.J.W.Pattiaratchi, C.B. 2007 24/Sep/2009
The relationship between sediment and water quality and riverine sediment loads in the wave-dominated estuaries of southwest Western Australia Radke, L.C.Prosser, I.Robb, M.Brooke, B.Fredericks, D.Douglas, G.B.Skemstad, J. 2004 24/Sep/2009
Chemical, Biological and Hydrological Controls on the 14C Content of Cold Seep Carbonate Crusts: Numerical Modelling and Implications for Convection at Cold Seeps Aloisi, G.Wallmann, K.Haese, R.R.Saliege, J.F. 2004 04/Sep/2009
Continental Shelf Record of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet Evolution: Seismo-stratigraphic Evidence from the George V Basin Presti, M.De Santis, L.Brancolini, G.Harris, P.T. 2005 04/Sep/2009
The Magnitude and Frequency of Combined Flow Bed Shear Stress as a Measure of Exposure on the Australian Continental Shelf Hemer, M.A. 2006 04/Sep/2009
Composition and Distribution of Seabed and Suspended Sediments in North and Central Torres Strait, Australia Heap, A.D.Sbaffi, L. 2008 28/Aug/2009
Development, Composition and Age of Indurated Sand Layers in the Late Quaternary Coastal Deposits of Northern Moreton Bay, Queensland Brooke, B.Preda, M.Lee, R.Cox, M.Olley, J. 2004 27/Aug/2009
Diatoms Control Nutrient Cycles in a Temperate, Wave-dominated Estuary (Southeast Australia) Haese, R.R.Murray, E.J.Smith, C.S.Smith, J.Clementson, L. 2007 27/Aug/2009
Facies Evolution of Holocene Estuaries and Deltas: A Large-sample Statistical Study from Australia Heap, A.D.Bryce, S.Ryan, D.A. 2004 27/Aug/2009
Formation, Morphology and Preservation of High-energy Carbonate Lithofacies: Evolution of the Cool-water Recherche Archipelago Inner Shelf, South-western Australia Ryan, D.A.Brooke, B.P.Collins, L.B.Spooner, M.I.Siwabessy, P.J.W. 2008 27/Aug/2009
Influence of Climate Fluctuations and Changes in Catchment Land Use on Late Holocene and Modern Beach-ridge Sedimentation on a Tropical Macrotidal Coast: Keppel Bay Brooke, B.P.Ryan, D.A.Radke, L.Pietsch, T.Olley, J. 2007 27/Aug/2009