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Geomorphology and Evolution of the Gigantic Murray Canyons on the Australian Southern Margin Hill, P.J.De Deckker, P.Exon, N.F. 2005 14/Apr/2011
Geomorphology and Sedimentology of the South Western Planning Area of Australia: Review and Synthesis of Relevant Literature in Support of Regional Marine Planning Richardson, L.Mathews, E.Heap, A.D. 2005 19/Dec/2005
Interactions between Fluid Flow, Geochemistry and Dibgeochemical Processes at Methane Seeps Ziebis, W.Haese, R.R. 2005 03/Sep/2010
Nutrient Release from Sediments of the Torbay Drainage System, South-western Australia Murray, E.J.Smith, C.S.Smith, J.Haese, R.R.Heggie, D.T. 2005 17/Feb/2006
Results of Two Dry-season Surveys of Keppel Bay and Casuarina Creek: Biogeochemical Properties of the Water Column and Underlying Sediments Radke, L.C.Ford, P.F.Webster, I.T.Douglas, G.Oubelkheir, K.Atkinson, I.Robson, B.Verwey, P.MacKenzie, K.Clementson, L. 2005 21/Nov/2005
Risks Posed to the Antarctic Marine Environment by Acoustic Isntruments, a Structured Analysis Boebel, O.Clarkson, P.Coates, R.Larter, R.O'Brien, P.E.Ploetz, J.Summerhayes, C.Tyack, T.Walton, D.W.H.Wartzok, D. 2005 04/Mar/2011
The Fitzroy Contaminants Project - A Study of the Nutrient and Fine-sediment Dynamics of the Fitzroy Estuary and Keppel Bay Webster, I.Atkinson, I.Bostock, H.Brooke, B.Douglas, G.Ford, P.Hancock, G.Herzfeld, M.Leeming, R.Lemckert, C.Margvelashvili, N.Noble, B.Oubelkheir, K.Radke, L.Revill, A.Robson, B.Ryan, D.Schacht, C.Smith, C.Smith, J.Vincente-Beckett, V.Wild-Allen, K. 2005 19/Mar/2010
The Geomorphology and Sediments of Cockburn Sound Skene, D.Ryan, D.Brooke, B.Smith, J.Radke, L. 2005 07/Nov/2005
The Nature and Origin of the Submarine Albany Canyons Off Southwest Australia Exon, N.F.Hill, P.J.Mitchell, C.Post, A. 2005 07/Aug/2009
Tidally Incised Valleys on Tropical Carbonate Shelves: An Example from the Northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia Harris, P.T.Heap, A.D.Passlow, V.Hughes, M.Daniell, J.Hemer, M.Andersen, O. 2005 10/Jun/2009
d18O Seasonality of Planktonic Foraminifera from Southern Ocean Sediment Traps: Latitudinal Gradients and Implications for Paleoclimate Reconstructions King, A.L.Howard, W. 2005 19/Mar/2010
Acoustic Mapping of Estuarine Benthic Habitats: Results of a Trial in Wallis Lake, NSW Ryan, D.A.Brooke, B.Wilson, J.Creasey, J.Elliot, C.Pearson, R. 2004 24/Sep/2009
Chemical, Biological and Hydrological Controls on the 14C Content of Cold Seep Carbonate Crusts: Numerical Modelling and Implications for Convection at Cold Seeps Aloisi, G.Wallmann, K.Haese, R.R.Saliege, J.F. 2004 04/Sep/2009
Classification of the Australian Continental Shelf Based on Predicted Sediment Threshold Exceedance from Tidal Currents and Swell Waves Smith, R.P.Harris, P.T.Anderson, O.Coleman, R.Greenslade, D. 2004 07/Aug/2009
Development, Composition and Age of Indurated Sand Layers in the Late Quaternary Coastal Deposits of Northern Moreton Bay, Queensland Brooke, B.Preda, M.Lee, R.Cox, M.Olley, J. 2004 27/Aug/2009
Facies Evolution of Holocene Estuaries and Deltas: A Large-sample Statistical Study from Australia Heap, A.D.Bryce, S.Ryan, D.A. 2004 27/Aug/2009
Geomorphology and Sedimentology of the Northern Marine Planning Area of Australia: Review and Synthesis of Relevant Literature in support of Regional Marine Planning Heap, A.D.Daniell, J.Mazen, D.Harris, P.T.Sbaffi, L.Fellows, M.Passlow, V. 2004 01/Aug/2005
Interactions between Physical, Chemical, Biological, and Sedimentological Processes in Australia's shelf seas Condie, S.Harris, P.T. 2004 19/Mar/2010
Leg 188 Sythesis: Transitions in the Glacial History of the Prydz Bay Region, East Antarctica, from ODP Drilling Cooper, A.K.O'Brien, P.E. 2004 27/Aug/2009
Nutrient Cycling in St Georges Basin, South Coast NSW Murray, E.J.Haese, R.R.Smith, C.S.Heggie, D.T. 2004 21/Jul/2006