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Physical Surrogates for Benthic Organisms in the Southern Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia: Testing and Application to the Northern Planning Area Post, A.L. 2006 14/Jul/2006
Physical Surrogates for Macrofaunal Distributions and Abundance in a Tropical Gulf Post, A.L.Wassenburg, T.Passlow, V. 2006 24/Sep/2009
Planktonic Foraminiferal d13C Records from Southern Ocean Sediment Traps: New Estimates of the Oceanic Suess Effect King, A.L.Howard, W. 2004 19/Mar/2010
Pliocene-Pleistocene glaciomarine sedimentation in eastern Prydz Bay and development of the Prydz trough-mouth fan, ODP Sites 1166 and 1167, East Antarctica Passchier, S.O'Brien, P.E.Damuth, J.E.Janusczak, N.Handwerger, D.Whitehead, J.M. 2003 19/Mar/2010
Post-cruise Report AGSO Survey 217 : Joint Italian/Australian Marine Geoscience Expedition Aboard the R.V. Tangaroa to the George Vth Land Region of East Antarctica during February-March, 2000 : Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions Project no. 1044, Wilkes Land Glacial History (WEGA) Brancolini, G.Harris, P. 2000 08/Jan/2001
Potential field and bathymetry grids of Australia's margins Petkovic, P.Fitzgerald, D.Brett, J.Murray, A.S.Buchanan, C. 2001 07/Dec/2010
Predicting Seabed Mud Content across the Australian Margin: Comparison of Statistical and Mathematical Techniques Using a Simulation Experiment Li, J.Potter, A.Huang, Z.Daniell, J.J.Heap, A.D. 2010 03/May/2010
Predicting Seabed Mud Content across the Australian Margin: Performance of Machine Learning Methods and their combinations with Ordinary Kriging and Inverse Distance Squared Li, J.Heap, A.D.Potter, A.Daniell, J.J. 2011 03/Mar/2011
Procedures for Describing Maritime Boundaries Geoscience Australia 2009 09/Sep/2010
Processes controlling the formation of the Mertz Drift, George Vth continental shelf, East Antarctica: evidence from 35 Khz sub-bottom profiling and sediment cores Beaman, R.Harris, P. 2003 10/Jun/2009
Prydz Channel Fan and the History of Extreme Ice Advances in Prydz Bay O'Brien, P.E.Cooper, A.K.Florindo, F.Handwerger, D.Lavelle, M. 2004 07/Aug/2009
Quaternary Aminostratigraphy of Eolianite on Lord Howe Island, Southwest Pacific Ocean Brooke, B.P.Murray-Wallace, C.V.Woodroffe, C.D.Heijnis, H.R. 2003 24/Sep/2009
Quaternary Calcarenite Stratigraphy on Lord Howe Island, Southwestern Pacific Ocean and the Record of Coastal Carbonate Deposition Brooke, B.P.Woodroffe, C.D.Murray-Wallace, C.V.Heijnis, H.R.Jones, B.G. 2003 24/Sep/2009
Rates of Shoreline Progradation During the Last 1,700 Years at Beachmere, Southeastern Queensland, Australia, Based on Optical Ages of Beach Ridges Brooke, B.Lee, R.Cox, M.Olley, J.Pietsch, T. 2004 07/Aug/2009
Report on Cockburn Sound Field Survey March 2004: Coastal Water Habitat Mapping Project - Coastal Geomorphology and Classification Subproject Milestone Report CG3-02 Skene, D.Brooke, B.Ryan, D. 2004 19/Mar/2010
Results of Two Dry-season Surveys of Keppel Bay and Casuarina Creek: Biogeochemical Properties of the Water Column and Underlying Sediments Radke, L.C.Ford, P.F.Webster, I.T.Douglas, G.Oubelkheir, K.Atkinson, I.Robson, B.Verwey, P.MacKenzie, K.Clementson, L. 2005 21/Nov/2005
Review of Ten Key Ecological Features (KEFs) in the Northwest Marine Region Falkner, I.Whiteway, T.Przeslawski, R.Heap, A.D. 2009 21/May/2009
Ripple cross-laminated sediments on the East Antarctic Shelf: evidence for episodic bottom water production during the Holocene? Harris, P.T. 2000 10/Jun/2009
Risks Posed to the Antarctic Marine Environment by Acoustic Isntruments, a Structured Analysis Boebel, O.Clarkson, P.Coates, R.Larter, R.O'Brien, P.E.Ploetz, J.Summerhayes, C.Tyack, T.Walton, D.W.H.Wartzok, D. 2005 04/Mar/2011
Scientific reports published by Marine and Coastal Environment Group 2008-2010 Anderson, T.Brooke, B.Daniell, J.Dundas, K.Falkner, I.Glenn, K.Heap, A.D.Hughes, M.G.Li, J.McArthur, M.Nichol, S.L.Przeslawski, R. 2010 11/May/2010