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Crustal structure of north Queensland from gravity anomalies Shirley, J.E. 1979 05/Jun/2014
Crustal structure in southwestern Australia from seismic and gravity data Mathur, S.P. 1973 01/Jan/1973
Crustal structure in southwestern Australia Mathur, S.P. 1973 01/Jan/1973
Crustal seismic investigations in northern Australia, 1979: operational report Collins, C.D.N. 1981 01/Jan/1981
Crustal reactions resulting from the mid-Pliocene to Recent continent-island arc collision in the Timor region Johnston, C.R.Bowin, C.O. 1981 05/Jun/2014
Crustal Transects of the Great Australian Bight : A Cruise Proposal in Support of the Ocean Drilling Program and the Law of the Sea Stagg, H.M.J. 1995 09/Mar/1995
Crust and upper mantle of southeast Australia : summaries of papers presented at a symposium held in Cenberra, February 1979 Denham, D. 1979 01/Jan/1979
Cruise Proposal: Swath-mapping Cruise off Tasmania using R.V. L'Atalante Exon, N.F.Hill, P.J. 1994 17/Jan/1994
Cruise Proposal : Otway Basin, South-eastern Australia : Deep Crustal Seismic Data Acquisition, Late 1994/Early 1995 Project O'Brien, G.W. 1994 14/Dec/1994
Cruise Proposal : An Ocean Bottom and Land Seismograph Survey on the Australian North West Shelf Collins, C.Lee, C.S. 1996 13/Feb/1996
Cruise Proposal : AGSO Cruise 147 : Stratigraphy, Tectonic History and Palaeoclimate of the Offshore Tasmanian Region Exon, N.F. 1995 24/Jan/1995
Cruise Preview Report Prydz Bay and Mac.Robertson Shelf, Antarctica January-March 1993 O'Brien, P.E. 1992 01/Jan/1992
Crude oil correlations in the Perth and Carnarvon Basins Powell, T.G.McKirdy, D.M. 1972 01/Jan/1972
Croydon and adjacent part of Wallabadah 1:100 000 geological sheets: catalogue of preliminary field data compilation sheets Henderson, G.A.M.Warnick, J.V.Mackenzie, D.E.Bain, J.H.C. 1983 01/Jan/1983
Cross-bedded tidal mega-ripples from King Sound, northwestern Australia Gellatly, D.C. 1968 01/Jan/1968
Critical commodities for a high-tech world: Australia's potential to supply global demand Skirrow, R.G.Huston, D.L.Mernagh, T.P.Thorne, J.P.Dulfer, H.Senior, A.B. 2013 17/Jul/2013
Criteria for the design and evaluation of mathematical models for the Alice Springs Town Basin Quinlan, T. 1967 01/Jan/1967
Cretaceous stratigraphy of the Wiso Basin, NT Skwarko, S.K. 1967 01/Jan/1967
Cretaceous stratigraphy and palaeontology of the Northern Territory Skwarko, S.K. 1966 01/Jan/1966
Cretaceous phosphorites of the Darwin region Kemezys, K.J. 1968 01/Jan/1968