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TASGO Seismic Survey 1995: Operational Report Barton, T.J.Johnstone, D.W.Richardson, R.G. 1995 28/Nov/1995
Talk by Henson et al at the Barossa CRC meeting in June 2004 The talk was a dynamic view of orogenesis and the development of the Eastern Yilgarn Henson, P. 2004 25/Mar/2010
Talk presented (Blewett et al, 2004d) at the SEG meeting in September 2004 in Perth Blewett, R.S. 2004 25/Mar/2010
Talk presented at Barossa 2004 on how the Y2 4D orogenic surge model animation was constructed Kalinowski, A.A. 2004 25/Mar/2010
Talk presented by Blewett to the December 2004 PDT meeting in Perth regarding the main conclusions of the Y2 project Blewett, R.S. 2004 25/Mar/2010
Tarcoola Modelling: Predictive Targeting Outcomes Potma, W. 2006 13/Apr/2010
Tectonic evolution of the Tasman fold belt system in NE Queensland: Towards predictive mineral discovery Annual Review Meeting Perth, November 2003 (I Vos) Vos, I.M.A. 2003 04/Feb/2010
Tectonic evolution of the Tasman fold belt system in NE Queensland: Towards predictive mineral discovery Presentation to WMC, Perth, November 2003 (I Vos) Vos, I.M.A. 2003 08/Feb/2010
Tectonostratigraphic architecture and uplift history of the Eastern Yilgarn Craton: Module 3 - Terrane Structure, pmd*CRC Project Y1-P763 Blewett, R.S.Czarnota, K. 2007 20/Nov/2007
Terrain Projects T6 and T7 Final Report Wilson, C.J.L. 2008 22/Jun/2011
Testing reconstructions of Rodinia: new constraints from basement geology of Broken Hill, south-central Australia Gibson, G.M. 2004 01/Jan/2004
The 2001 Northeastern Yilgarn Deep Seismic Reflection Survey Goleby, B.R.Blewett, R.S.Groenewald, P.B.Cassidy, K.F.Champion, D.C.Jones, L.E.A.Korsch, R.J.Shevchenko, S.Apak, S.N.Goleby, B.R. 2004 04/Oct/2005
The 2002 Southern McArthur Basin Seismic Reflection Survey Rawlings, D.J.Korsch, R.J.Goleby, B.R.Gibson, G.M.Johnstone, D.W.Barlow, M. 2004 13/Dec/2004
The 2003 Gawler Craton Seismic Survey: notes from the Seismic Workshop held at Gawler Craton State of Play 2004 Lyons, P.Goleby, B.R. 2005 07/Oct/2005
The 2003-04 Curnamona province seismic survey: Workshop notes Goleby, B.R.Korsch, R.J.Fomin, T.Conor, C.H.H.Preiss, W.V.Robertson, R.S.Burtt, A. 2006 14/Jul/2006
The 440 Ma Event: A Continental-scale, Mantle-Driven Thermal Phenomenon? MORE-SGEG Conference, Orange, June, 2004 (I Vos) Vos, I.M.A. 2004 04/Feb/2010
The Australian Government's Spatial Information Gateway National Geographic Information Grou 2011 24/Feb/2012
The Bruce Chappell Symposium : granites, island arcs, the mantle and ore deposits : abstract volume Wyborn, L.A.I. 1998 24/Dec/1998
The Diverse Structure of Archean Lode Gold Deposits of the Southwest Mosquito Creek Belt, East Pilbara Craton, Western Australia Blewett, R.Huston, D.Mernagh, T.P.Kamprad, J. 2002 11/Nov/2010
The Dulladerry Volcanics -- Middle Devonian A-type volcanics from central-west New South Wales Raymond, O.L. 1996 25/Oct/2010