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Broken Hill Exploration Initiative: abstracts from 1997 annual meeting Denham, D. 1997 14/Nov/1997
Nabberu North, W.A. airborne geophysical survey, 1996: operations report Franklin, R. 1997 09/Sep/1997
Australian fundamental gravity network, 1992 : Coober Pedy - Mt Willoughby gravity tie, South Australia : operations report Williams, J.W. 1997 15/Aug/1997
Australian fundamental gravity network, 1993 : Cobar -Mt Hope gravity tie, NSW Australia : operations report Williams, J.W. 1997 15/Aug/1997
Apatite fission track thermochronology of Tasmania O'Sullivan, P.B.Kohn, B. 1997 18/Jul/1997
Explanatory notes for a Landsat-5-TM image series processed according to an RGB directed principal components/band ratio formula, northern Pilbara Craton, Western Australia Glikson, A.Y. 1997 20/May/1997
Results of field mapping, 1994-1996, in the North Shaw & Tambourah 1:100 000 sheet areas, eastern Pilbara Craton, northwestern Australia Van Kranendonk, M.J. 1997 20/May/1997
Stream sediment geochemistry of the Red River region, Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland Cruikshank, B.I. 1997 20/May/1997
Hann River - Mount Mulgrave, Qld airborne geophysical survey, 1991 : operations report Bacchin, M. 1997 05/May/1997
Dating Tasmania's oldest geological events Black, L.P.Seymour, D.B.Corbett, K.D.Cox, S.E.Streit, J.E.Bottrill, C.R.Calver, C.R.Everard, J.L.Green, G.R.McClenaghan, M.P.Pemberton, J.Taheri, J.Turner, N.J. 1997 09/Apr/1997
Lissadell, East Kimberley, WA airborne geophysical survey, 1994 : operations report Bacchin, M. 1997 11/Mar/1997
AGSO Journal vol.17 no. 2. Airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys Gunn, P.J. 1997 10/Feb/1997
Curnamona, S.A. airborne geophysical survey, 1995 : operations report Bacchin, M. 1997 07/Feb/1997
The basement elements of Tasmania Gunn, P.J.Mackey, T.E.Richardson, R.G.Seymour, D.B.McClenaghan, M.F.Calver, C.R.Roach, M.J.Yeates, A.N. 1996 22/Aug/1996
Correlation of Lower - Middle Ordovician clastics in Tasmania Laurie, J.R. 1996 01/Aug/1996
Frome (Frome and southern Callabonna 1:250 000 sheet areas) airborne geophysical survey, 1995 : operations report Richardson, L.M. 1996 11/Jul/1996
Guide to the Australian stratigraphic names database Lenz, S.L.Brown, C.E.Bond, L.D.Ryburn, R.J. 1996 24/Jun/1996
Australian fundamental gravity network 1994 survey of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia Murray, A.S.Wynne, P. 1996 27/May/1996
Liverpool Plains, NSW airborne geophysical survey, 1995 - operations report Franklin, R. 1996 12/Jan/1996
Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 1995 Lambert, I.McKay, W.J.Huleatt, M.B.David, L.J.Towner, R.Elliott, B.Porritt, K.R.Girvan, S.W.Miezitis, Y.Jaireth, S.Perkin, D.J.McKay, A.D.Sait, R. 1995 31/Dec/1995