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3D successions of near-orthogonal progressive bulk inhomogeneous shortening resulting in multiple generations of folds in the Mount Isa Inlier Sayab, M. 2004 08/Jun/2011
A novel solution for the tectonic evolution of the Eastern Fold Belt, Mt Isa Inlier Sayab, M.Rubenach, M.J. 2003 08/Jun/2011
Crustal Architecture of the Mount Isa Eastern Succession as Revealed by Geophysical Interpretation and Inversion Lepong, P.Blenkinsop, T. 2004 08/Jun/2011
Crustal Evolution of the Eastern Succession: insights from radiogenic isotopes Mark, G.Mustard, R.Foster, D. 2004 08/Jun/2011
Deformation Zone Architecture, Reactivation and Mineralisation Processes in the Eastern Succession of the Mount Isa Inlier Stark, M. 2003 08/Jun/2011
Digging Deeper with 'Worms': Finding Structure in Geophysics, Mount Isa Eastern Succession Austin, J. 2003 08/Jun/2011
Exploration Potential of theMount Isa Eastern Succession, utilising Mafic Geochemistry Butera, K. 2003 08/Jun/2011
I2+3 Mt Isa Eastern Succession Program Poster pmd*CRC 2004 08/Jun/2011
I2+3: Total systems analysis of I2+3: Total systems analysis of the Mt Isa Eastern Succession Blenkinsop, T. 2004 08/Jun/2011
I2+3: Total systems analysis of the Mt IsaEastern Succession Blenkinsop, T. 2002 08/Jun/2011
New Exploration Techniques for Buried Ore Deposits in the Eastern Succession Edmiston, M. 2002 08/Jun/2011
Origin of Proterozoic Wernecke Breccia and associated IOCG Mineralization Hunt, J. 2004 08/Jun/2011
Pressure-temperature-deformation paths from P-T pseudosections and zoned garnets: implications for metamrophic evolution of the Eastern Fold Belt of the Mt Isa Inlier Sayab, M.Rubenach, M.J. 2003 08/Jun/2011
Prospectivity Analysis of Mt Isa Inlier for Fe-oxide Cu-Au deposits using 5 key geological criteria Mustard, R.Blenkinsop, T. 2002 08/Jun/2011
Spatial Distributions of Mafics to Mineralisation, Mt Isa Eastern Succession: Implications for Mafics in the process of base metal and IOCG ore genesis Blenkinsop, T.Butera, K. 2003 08/Jun/2011
Statistical Evaluation of potential critical ingredients for potential critical ingredients for the IOCG Deposit Model the IOCG Deposit Model & Melt inclusion Pilot Study Mustard, R. 2003 08/Jun/2011
Structure and Metamorphic Evolution of Key Areas in the Eastern Fold Belt, Mount Isa Inlier Poster, Mohammad Sayab Sayab, M. 2002 08/Jun/2011
The Fractal Distributions of Base and Precious Metal Systems,Mt Isa Inlier, Australia Ford, A. 2003 08/Jun/2011
The Genesis and Exploration Potential of IOCG and Base Metal deposits, Eastern Succession, Mount Isa Inlier Butera, K. 2004 08/Jun/2011
H1 Project Final report Application of Re-Os isotopes to Geochronology, Ore Forming models and Exploration Models Keays, R.R.Schaefer, B.Gregory, M. 2003 06/Jun/2011