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ASTER Mineral Index Processing Manual Oliver, S.Kalinowski, A. 2004 22/Jul/2013
A National Space Policy: Views from the Earth Observation Community National Earth Observation Group 2010 16/Apr/2013
Optical, Geospatial, Radar, and Elevation Supplies and Services Panel (OGRE) 2011/12 Annual Report Penning, C.Metlenko, A.Hoyle, S.Durand, M. 2012 16/Oct/2012
Optical, Geospatial, Radar, and Elevation Supplies and Services Panel Annual Report 2010-11 Penning, C.Metlenko, A.Drozda, A.Hoyle, S. 2011 02/May/2012
An Australian Strategic Plan for Earth Observations from Space Academy of Tech Sciences and EngAustralian Academy Of Science 2009 24/Oct/2011
Continuity of Earth Observation Data for Australia - Operational Requirements to 2015 for Lands, Coasts and Oceans Hudson, D.Harrison, B.Piotrowicz, L.Lewis, A. 2011 24/Oct/2011
Lost in Space? Setting a new direction for Australia's space science and industry sector The Senate 2008 24/Oct/2011
The Economic Value of Earth Observation From Space ACIL Tasman 2010 24/Oct/2011
The National Dynamic Land Cover Dataset - Technical report Lymburner, L.Tan, P.Mueller, N.Thackway, R.Thankappan, M.Islam, A.Lewis, A.Randall, L.Senarath, U. 2011 20/Sep/2011
Landsat Path Row Map Geoscience Australia 2011 01/Jul/2011
Satellite Radar Interferometry: Application to Rabaul Caldera, Papua New Guinea Hutchinson, D.H.Dawson, J.H. 2009 18/Dec/2009
Satellite Imagery - Canberra Bushfires - 18 January 2003 Geoscience Australia 2003 19/Nov/2009
Satellite Imagery - NSW Bushfires - December 2001 - January 2002 Geoscience Australia 2002 19/Nov/2009
Satellite Imagery - NSW Bushfires - October 2000 Geoscience Australia 2000 19/Nov/2009
Review of the Australian Flood Studies Database Middelmann-Fernandes, M.H. 2009 10/Nov/2009