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North Winton Gravity Survey, Queensland, 1959 By Magellan Petroleum Corporation Bureau of Mineral Resources 1961 24/Jan/2011
Permit No. 39, Papua Marine Seismic Survey, 1966 By Phillips Australian Oil Company Sunray Dx Oil Company Canadian Superior Oil (Aust.) Pty Ltd And Anacapa Corporation Bureau of Mineral Resources 1969 24/Jan/2011
Petrel Sub-basin Biozonation and Stratigraphy Chart No. 1 Jones, P.J. 1997 20/Apr/2011
Potential-field Data Covering the Capel and Faust Basins, Australia's Remote Offshore Eastern Frontier Hackney, R. 2010 30/Nov/2010
Presentations from the 2010 GOMA Seismic and MT Workshop Korsch, R.J.Kositcin, N.Duan, J.Neumann, N.L.Costelloe, R. 2010 14/Dec/2010
Puri Seismic Survey, Papua, 1959 By Australasian Petroleum Company Proprietary Limited Bureau of Mineral Resources 1961 24/Jan/2011
Quilpie-Thargomindah-Charleville Seismic Survey, Queensland, 1959-1960 By Phillips Petroleum Company And Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company Bureau of Mineral Resources 1961 24/Jan/2011
Radiometric Map of Australia Minty, B.Franklin, R.Milligan, P.Richardson, L.M.Wilford, J.R. 2009 08/Nov/2010
Rift Evolution in the Capel and Faust Basins, Offshore Eastern Australia, and Implications for Regional Petroleum Prospectivity Hashimoto, T.Higgins, K.L.Stagpoole, V.Rollet, N.Petkovic, P. 2010 23/Jan/2012
SHRIMP U-Pb detrital zircon results, Lake Frome region, South Australia Cross, A.Jaireth, S.Hore, S.Michaelsen, B.Schofield, A. 2010 16/May/2011
South Canning Basin Aeromagnetic Survey Western Australia, 1962-1963 By West Australian Petroleum Pty Limited Bureau of Mineral Resources 1966 24/Jan/2011
South Roma Seismic Survey, Queensland, 1959 By Associated Australian Oilfields NL Bureau of Mineral Resources 1962 24/Jan/2011
Southwest Margin Surveys - Information Sheet Kennard, J.M. 2010 14/Apr/2010
Summary Of Data And Results Bass Basin, Tasmania Esso Bass No. 1 And No. 2 Wells Of Esso Exploration And Production Australia Inc. (Formerly Esso Exploration Australia Inc.) Bureau of Mineral Resources 1970 24/Jan/2011
Summary Of Data And Results Great Artesian Basin, Queensland And South Australia Innamincka-Betoota Aeromagnetic Survey Oodnadatta Aeromagnetic Survey Of Delhi Australian Petroleum Ltd Bureau of Mineral Resources 1965 24/Jan/2011
Surface and Sub-surface Geology and the Role of Basement Structure in the Capel-Faust basins, Offshore Eastern Australia Rollet, N.McGiveron, S.Colwell, J.B.Hashimoto, T.Hackney, R. 2010 23/Jan/2012
Tambo-Augathella Aeromagnetic And Gravity Surveys, Queensland, 1959-1960 By Magellan Petroleum Corporation Bureau of Mineral Resources 1963 24/Jan/2011
The Frome Airborne Electromagnetic Survey Roach, I.C.Hutchinson, D.K.Costelloe, M.T. 2011 23/May/2011
The Frome airborne electromagnetic survey, South Australia: implications for energy, minerals and regional geology Roach, I.C.Brodie, R.C.Costelloe, M.T.Cross, A.J.Dhu, T.Fabris, A.J.Hore, S.B.Jagodzinski, E.A.Jaireth, S.Katona, L.F.Keeling, J.L.Magarey, P.D.Marsland-Smith, A.B.Michaelsen, B.H.Wade, C.E.Wilson, T. 2012 12/Jun/2012
The Haines Structure: A Probable Eocene Complex Impact Structure in the Offshore Canning Basin, Western Australia Jones, A.T.Gorter, J.Kennard, J.M. 2010 22/Feb/2012