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Groundwater and Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide Feitz, A.J.Boreham, Caritat, P.Langford, R.P.Causebrook, R.M.Preda, M.Draper, J. 2010 18/Oct/2011
Hydrogeochemical Baseline Mapping of the Great Artesian Basin Kuske, T.van der Wielen, S.E.Dunsmore, R.E.Ransley, T.R.Feitz, A.J.Draper, J.J. 2010 18/Oct/2011
Atmospheric Tomography: A Bayesian inversion technique for determining the rate and location of fugitive emissions Humphries, R.Jenkins, C.Leuning, R.Zegelin, S.Griffith, D.Caldow, C.Berko, H.Feitz, A.J. 2011 02/Apr/2012
Installation of a Greenhouse Gas Baseline Atmospheric Monitoring Station Loh, Z.Etheridge, D.Hibberd, M.Berko, H.Feitz, A.J. 2011 18/Oct/2011