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West Tanami Detailed Airborne, Magnetic, Radiometric and Digital Elevation Survey, WA 2002 UTS Geophysics 2002 20/Aug/2010
pmd*CRC workshop presentation, Melbourne, July 2002 Bierlein, F.P. 2002 09/Feb/2010
A novel solution for the tectonic evolution of the Eastern Fold Belt, Mt Isa Inlier Sayab, M.Rubenach, M.J. 2003 08/Jun/2011
A1 ERC Meeting presentation, Melbourne, May 2003 Bierlein, F.P. 2003 09/Feb/2010
A1 Mt Isa workshop, Mt Isa, November 2003 Bierlein, F.P. 2003 09/Feb/2010
A1 Yilgarn projects workshop, Perth, December 2003 Bierlein, F.P. 2003 08/Feb/2010
A1 data base SOM analysis, November 2003 Bierlein, F.P. 2003 09/Feb/2010
A1 overview; Annual Review Meeting, Perth, November 2003 Bierlein, F.P. 2003 09/Feb/2010
An airborne gravity gradiometer survey of Broken Hill Lane, R.Milligan, P.R.Robson, D. 2003 20/Jun/2011
Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 2003 Geoscience Australia 2003 31/Dec/2003
Australian Mineral Exploration - A Review of Exploration for the Year 2002 Huelatt, M.B.Jaques, A.L.Towner, R.R. 2003 20/Jan/2003
Broken Hill Exploration Initiative: Abstracts from the July 2003 conference Peljo, M. 2003 05/Jun/2003
Conventional vibroseis technique expanded to yield high quality wide-angle data in the Northeastern Yilgarn, Western Australia. The 10th International Symposium on Deep Seismic profiling of the Continents and their Margins, 6-10 January 2002, Taupo, New Zealand - Talk Formin, T.Crawford, A.Johnstone, D. 2003 23/Mar/2010
Curnamona Audit and Gaps Analysis Maps McConachy, T. 2003 20/Jun/2011
Deep seismic profiling across the Batten Trough, McAurthur Basin, Northern Territory Rawlings, D.J.Korsch, R.J.Goleby, B.R.Gibson, G.M.Johnstone, D.W. 2003 01/Jan/2003
Deformation Zone Architecture, Reactivation and Mineralisation Processes in the Eastern Succession of the Mount Isa Inlier Stark, M. 2003 08/Jun/2011
Detachment faulting and shear-hosted mineralisation between upper and lower plates of contrasting tectonothermal history in the Palaeoproterozoic Willyama Supergroup, south-central Australia Gibson, G.M.Czarnota, K. 2003 01/Jan/2003
Digging Deeper with 'Worms': Finding Structure in Geophysics, Mount Isa Eastern Succession Austin, J. 2003 08/Jun/2011
Enhancing exploration opportunities at Broken Hill with airborne gravity gradiometry Lane, R. 2003 20/Jun/2011
Estimating the pre-mining gravity and gravity gradient response of the Broken Hill Ag-Pb-Zn Deposit Lane, R.Peljo, M. 2003 20/Jun/2011