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Project Y2 Appendix 2_3 Source of Solid Geology datasets for Norseman-Wiluna Blewett, R. 2004 22/Feb/2010
Project Y2 Appendix 2_4 Metadata for Seismic Gocad depth Blewett, R. 2004 22/Feb/2010
Project Y2 Appendix 2_5 Metadata for Seismic Gocad objects Blewett, R. 2004 22/Feb/2010
Project Y2 Appendix 2_6 Metadata for Model Vision Files Blewett, R. 2004 22/Feb/2010
Project Y2 vrml model of the tomography volume Blewett, R. 2004 22/Feb/2010
Y2 Directory of 3D map screen snapshots Blewett, R. 2004 22/Feb/2010
Y2 GIS data Blewett, R. 2004 22/Feb/2010
Alteration mapping and fluid identification in the St. Ives Gold Camp (Petersen et al) Petersen, K.Neumayr, P.Hagemann, S. 2008 11/Feb/2010
Alteration of Komatiites in the Kalgoorlie-Kambalda area, Western Australia (Heydari et al) Heydari, M. 2008 11/Feb/2010
Alteration of the Kambalda Komatiite Formation in Heydari et al., Heydari, M. 2008 11/Feb/2010
Architecture and timing of gold mineralization at the Golden Mile gold deposit, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Gauthier et al Gauthier, L. 2008 11/Feb/2010
Barossa conference combined Y3 team presentations 2004 pmd*CRC 2004 11/Feb/2010
Camp- to deposit-scale spatial zonation and temporal succession of redox indicator sulphide-oxide minerals - vectors to Archaean orogenic gold deposits? An example from the St. Ives gold camp, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia Neumayr, P.Hagemann, S.Walshe, J.Horn, L.Morrison, R. 2008 11/Feb/2010
Camp- to deposit-scale zonation of hydrothermal alteration in the St Ives gold camp, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: evidence for two fluid systems pmd*CRC 2008 11/Feb/2010
Fluid inclusion compositions and conditions at Osborne; preliminary results Fisher, L. 2005 11/Feb/2010
Geochemical Modeling of Ore Forming Processes in Skarn Deposits Bertelli, M.Baker, T.Cleverley, J.S. 2006 11/Feb/2010
Geochemical controls on high-grade gold mineralisation at the Junction lode-gold deposit, Kambalda, WA pmd*CRC 2008 11/Feb/2010
Geochemistry of magmatic fluids from intrusions in the Williams-Naraku batholith, Cloncurry district, NW Queensland: preliminary results from laser ablation ICPMS analysis Mustard, R.Mark, G.Ulrich, T.Foster, D.Gillen, D. 2005 11/Feb/2010
Goldfields presentation 2003 Architecture and Chemistry pmd*CRC 2008 11/Feb/2010
Hydrothermal alteration footprints and gold mineralization in the St. Ives gold camp Neumayr et al., Neumayr, P. 2005 11/Feb/2010