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Project G14 Final report Murphy, B.Ailleres, L.Jupp, B.Leader, L.D.Lees, T. 2007 25/Nov/2009
Project G15 Final Report Blenkinsop, T. 2007 25/Nov/2009
Project H6 Final Report Kendrick, M.A. 2008 25/Nov/2009
Project I2+3 Final Report Blenkinsop, T. 2005 25/Nov/2009
Project I7 Final Report Murphy, B. 2008 25/Nov/2009
Project M4, M9 and F6 Final Report Sheldon, H.A. 2008 25/Nov/2009
Project T1 Final Report Wilson, C.J.L. 2005 25/Nov/2009
Project T5 Final Report Rawling, T. 2008 25/Nov/2009
Project Y2 Final Report Blewett, R.Hitchman, A.P. 2004 25/Nov/2009
Project Y3 Final Report Neumayr, P.Walshe, J.Hagemann, S. 2004 25/Nov/2009
C1 Final Report Anczkiewicz, R.Parr, J.Carr, G.Weinberg, R.F.Lees, T. 2008 24/Nov/2009
Project A1Final Report Bierlein, F.P. 2005 24/Nov/2009
Project F1/2 Final Report Oliver, N. 2008 24/Nov/2009
Project F3 Final Report Baker, T. 2006 24/Nov/2009
Project H4 Final Report Phillips, D. 2008 24/Nov/2009
Project I1 Final Report Gibson, G.M.Hitchman, A.P. 2005 24/Nov/2009
Project Y4 Final Report - Parts I & II Blewett, R. 2008 24/Nov/2009
Project Y4 Final Report - Parts III & IV Blewett, R. 2008 24/Nov/2009
Archean Mafic-Ultramafic Magmatic Events Resource Package Hoatson, D.M.Jaireth, S.Whitaker, A.J.Champion, D.C.Claoue-Long, J.C. 2009 13/Oct/2009
Broken Hill Exploration Initiative: Abstracts for the 2009 Conference Korsch, R.J. 2009 21/Sep/2009