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The Nature and Origin of Gold Deposits of the Tarcoola Goldfield and Implications for the Central Gawler Gold Province, South Australia Budd, A.R.Skirrow, R.G. 2007 11/Oct/2010
The New Celebration gold deposits: characteristics and evolution of hydrothermal fluids Hodge et al., Hodge, J. 2008 11/Feb/2010
The Tarcoola Goldfield Budd, A.R. 2004 01/Aug/2004
The Wellington 1:100 000 geological sheet: new findings in stratigraphy, structure and plutonism Henderson, G.A.M.Morgan, E.J.Raymond, O.L.Scott, M.M.Warren, A.Y.E.Wyborn, D. 1996 25/Oct/2010
The age of the Telfer Au-Cu deposit and its relationship with granite emplacement, Paterson Province, Western Australia Maidment, D.W.Huston, D.L.Heaman, L. 2010 11/Oct/2012
The basement elements of Tasmania Gunn, P.J.Mackey, T.E.Richardson, R.G.Seymour, D.B.McClenaghan, M.F.Calver, C.R.Roach, M.J.Yeates, A.N. 1996 22/Aug/1996
The basement elements of Tasmania Gunn, P.J.Mackey, T.E.Yeates, A.N.Richardson, R.G.Seymour, D.B.McClenaghan, M.P. 1997 22/Sep/2010
The characterisation of granite deformation events in time across the Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia Blewett, R.S.Cassidy, K.F.Champion, D.C.Whitaker, A.J. 2004 20/Jul/2004
The deep seismic structure of Precambrian terranes within the West Australian Craton and implications for crustal formation and evolution Reading, A.M.Kennett, B.L.N.Goleby, B.R. 2004 23/Mar/2010
The geology of the Mount Edgar and Corunna Downs igneous complexes; East Pilbara Craton, Western Australia Sims, J.P.Carson, L.J. 2001 23/Aug/2002
The hydrothermal architecture of the St Ives gold deposits Petersen et al., Petersen, J. 2008 11/Feb/2010
The major rare-earth-element deposits of Australia: geological setting, exploration, and resources Hoatson, D.M.Jaireth, S.Miezitis, Y. 2011 29/Jun/2011
The mineral potential of major fault systems: a case study from NE QLD, Australia SEG 2004 Meeting, Perth, September 2004 (I Vos) Vos, I.M.A. 2004 04/Feb/2010
The mineral potential of major fault systems: case studies from Northeastern Queensland, Australia Barossa Meeting, June 2004 (I Vos) Vos, I.M.A. 2004 08/Feb/2010
The pmd*CRC A1 (Architecture) Project - A coherent concept aimed at predicting the mineral potential of major faults; Annual Review Meeting Perth, November 2003 Bierlein, F.P. 2003 04/Feb/2010
The precious metals potential of the Rockley Volcanics in the Lachlan Fold Belt Wallace, D.A. 1996 25/Oct/2010
The timing of mineralization in the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia Huston, D.L.Shen-Su, S.Blewett, R.Phillips, D.Baker, D.Brauhart, C. 2002 11/Nov/2010
The turn of the worms: Mineral systems implications of crustal structures in the eastern Lachlan Orogen derived from multi-scale edge analysis Direen, N.G.Archibald, N.J.Mackey, T.E.Raymond, O.L.Lyons, P. 2000 25/Oct/2010
Thomson-Lachlan Boundary Deep Seismic Reflection Survey Poster Glen, D. 2006 27/Jun/2011
Thomson-Lachlan seismic project Results and implications Glen, D. 2007 27/Jun/2011