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Carpentaria - Mt Isa Zinc Belt: basement framework, chronostratigraphy and geodynamic evolution of the Proterozoic successions - Australian Journal of Earth Sciences special volume Southgate, P.N. 2000 01/Jun/2000
Gippsland Basin, Vic. airborne geophysical survey, 1998/1999 : operations report Bacchin, M. 2000 27/Mar/2000
Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 1999 McKay, W.J.Huleatt, M.B.David, L.J.Towner, R.Girvan, S.W.Perkin, D.J.McKay, A.D. 1999 31/Dec/1999
Boulia and Springvale, Qld, airborne geophysical survey, 1997, operations report Brodie, R.C. 1999 21/Dec/1999
Preliminary results of PIMA analyses of the alteration zone underlying the Sulphur Springs deposit, Panorama district, Pilbara Block, Western Australia Huston, D.L.Kamprad, J.L.Brauhart, C. 1997 05/Aug/1999
The Hervey Group (Middle-Upper Devonian) on the Grenfell 1:100 000 sheet area, NSW (Lachlan Fold Belt) Young, G.C. 1999 04/Aug/1999
North Broken Hill, NSW (Corona and Fowlers Gap 1:100 000 sheet areas), airborne geophysical survey, 1995/1996, operations report Brodie, R.C. 1999 28/May/1999
Sources of magnetic anomalies in the Broken Hill region, NSW Maidment, D.W.Gibson, G. 1999 25/May/1999
Georgetown, Qld airborne geophysical survey, 1998 : operations report Richardson, L.M. 1999 14/May/1999
Kingston, WA airborne geophysical survey, 1998 : operations report Franklin, R. 1999 13/May/1999
Menindee, NSW (Thackaringa and Redan 1:100 000 sheet areas), airborne geophysical survey, 1995, operations report Brodie, R.C. 1999 06/May/1999
The Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, W.A./N.T., Medusa Banks and Port Keats, airborne geophysical survey, 1994, operations report Brodie, R.C. 1999 06/May/1999
Interpretation of regional geophysics of the Pilbara Craton, northwest Australia Wellman, P. 1999 30/Apr/1999
Reconnaissance economic geology studies for 1996, North Pilbara NGMA project Huston, D.L. 1999 12/Apr/1999
A petrophysical dataset for the Broken Hill region, NSW Maidment, D.W.Schmidt, P.W.Giddings, J.W.Peljo, M.Clark, D. 1999 01/Jan/1999
Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 1998 Lambert, I.McKay, W.J.Huleatt, M.B.David, L.J.Towner, R.Elliott, B.Girvan, S.W.Evans, N.Fisher, M.Miezitis, Y.Jaireth, S.Perkin, D.J.Porritt, K.R.McKay, A.D.Rossiter, D.G.Deer, L.Pollock, J.Sait, R. 1998 31/Dec/1998
The Bruce Chappell Symposium : granites, island arcs, the mantle and ore deposits : abstract volume Wyborn, L.A.I. 1998 24/Dec/1998
Broken Hill Exploration Initiative : field excursion guide for Allendale, Stephens Creek and Thackaringa areas Gibson, G.M.Donaghy, A.G.Peljo, M.Hall, M.Maidment, D.W. 1998 15/Oct/1998
Broken Hill Exploration Initiative: abstracts of papers presented at fourth annual meeting in Broken Hill, October 19-21, 1998 Gibson, G.M. 1998 15/Oct/1998
Clarence Richmond Maclean, Tweed Heads, and Eastern Grafton : 1:250 000 sheet area : airborne geophysical survey, 1997 - operations report Mitchell, J.N.Minty, B.R.S. 1998 15/Oct/1998