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Australian seismological report, 1996 McCue, K.F.Sinadinovski, C.Gregson, P. 1998 21/Nov/2006
Seismicity in the southwest of Western Australia Sinadinovski, C. 2004 25/Aug/2004
Australian earthquake fault plane solutions Leonard, M.Ripper, I.D.Yue, L. 2003 12/Nov/2003
Community risk in Gladstone: a multi-hazard risk assessment Granger, K.Michael-Leiba, M.O. 2001 12/Nov/2003
Earthquake risk in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Jones, T.Dhu, T.Fulford, G.Corby, N.Sinadinovski, C. 2002 30/Sep/2002
Australian seismological report, 1998 McCue, K.F.Sinadinovski, C. 2002 25/Jun/2002
Community risk in Mackay: a multi hazard risk assessment Middelmann, M.H.Granger, K. 2000 08/Feb/2001
Australian seismological report, 1995 McCue, K.F. 1998 22/May/1998
Atlas of isoseismal maps of Australian earthquakes, part 3 McCue, K. 1996 09/Aug/1996
Australian seismological report, 1994 McCue, K.F.Gregson, P.J. 1996 01/Jul/1996
Mundaring Geophysical Observatory annual report 1990 Gregson, P.J. 1992 23/Jul/1995
Australian seismological report, 1992 Leiba, M.M.Dent, V. 1995 24/Jan/1995
Mundaring Geophysical Observatory annual report, 1993 Gregson, P.J.Paull, E.P.Dent, V.F.McConnel, O.D.Van Reeken, L.A.Moiler, Y.M. 1994 25/Oct/1994
Australian seismological report, 1991 McCue, K.Gregson, P.J. 1994 23/Aug/1994
Mundaring Geophysical Observatory annual report 1991 Gregson, P.J. 1994 22/Jul/1994
Mundaring Geophysical Observatory, 1986 to 1989 Gregson, P.J. 1994 22/Jul/1994
Australian seismological report, 1989 McCue, K.F.Gregson, P. 1993 01/Jan/1993
Australian seismological report, 1990 McCue, K.F.Gregson, P.J. 1993 01/Jan/1993
Kalgoorlie seismic events 1965-1971 Gregson, P.J. 1993 01/Jan/1993
Australian seismological report, 1987 Leiba, M.M.Dent, V.F. 1991 01/Jan/1991