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Igneous rocks of northern Queensland : 1:500 000 map and GIS explanatory notes Champion, D.C.Heinemann, M.A. 1994 18/Apr/2011
Magmas to mineralisation: the Ishihara Symposium. GEMOC, Macquarie University, July 22-24 2003. Abstract volume Blevin, P.Chappell, B.Jones, M. 2003 06/May/2004
Intrusion Related Gold Deposits Blevin, P.L. 2005 09/Aug/2010
New insights into intrusion-related gold-copper systems in the Tasmanides Champion, D.C.Plevin, P. 2005 08/May/2009
New insights into intrusion-related mineralisation in the Tasmanides Champion, D.C.Blevin, P.L. 2007 08/May/2009
Three billion years of granite magmatism: Palaeo-Archaean to Permian granites of Australia Champion, D.C.Smithies, R.H. 2007 08/May/2009