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Towards discriminating Cu-Au mineralised from barren hydrothermal systems using fluid chemistry Bastrakov, E.N.Skirrow, R.G.Barovich, K. 2002 01/Dec/2002
Predictive Mineral Discovery Cooperative Research Centre - extended abstracts from the June 2004 Conference Barnicoat, A.C.Korsch, R.J. 2005 22/Jul/2005
Final report, 3D geological models of the eastern Yilgarn Craton, Project pmd*CRC Y2, September 2001 - December 2004 Blewett, R.S.Hitchman, A.P. 2006 01/Jun/2006
Predictive Mineral Discovery Cooperative Research Centre. Extended Abstracts from the April 2006 Conference Barnicoat, A.C.Korsch, R.J. 2006 22/Jun/2007
Kalgoorlie 2007: Old Ground New Knowledge Conference Abstracts and Proceedings Bierlein, F.P. 2007 31/Jan/2008
pmd*CRC 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology and Halogen/Noble Gas Geochemistry of Mineralising Systems H4 Project. Final Project Report Phillips, D. 2005 12/Mar/2008
pmd*CRC Architecture A1 Project. Final Project Report Bierlein, F.P. 2005 12/Mar/2008
pmd*CRC Camp to Deposit-Scale Alteration Footprints in the Kalgoorlie-Kambalda Area Y3 Project. Final Project Report Neumayr, P. 2005 12/Mar/2008
pmd*CRC Fluid Processes and Geochemical Modelling F1-2 Project. Final Project Report Oliver, N.H.S. 2005 12/Mar/2008
pmd*CRC Micrometallogeny of Hydrothermal Fluids F3 Project. Final Project Report Baker, T. 2005 12/Mar/2008
pmd*CRC Targeting new mineral deposits in western Victoria T1 Project. Final Project Report Wilson, C. 2005 12/Mar/2008
pmd*CRC Total Systems Analysis of the Mt Isa Eastern Succession I2+3 Project. Final Project Report Blenkinsop, T. 2005 12/Mar/2008
pmd*CRC Western Succession Basin Architecture and Ore Systems I1 Project. Final Project Report Gibson, G.M. 2005 12/Mar/2008
New perspectives: the foundations and future of Australian exploration Abstract for the June 2008 pmd*CRC Conference Barnicoat, A.C.Korsch, R.J. 2008 04/Dec/2008
C1 Final Report Anczkiewicz, R.Parr, J.Carr, G.Weinberg, R.F.Lees, T. 2008 24/Nov/2009
Project A1Final Report Bierlein, F.P. 2005 24/Nov/2009
Project F1/2 Final Report Oliver, N. 2008 24/Nov/2009
Project F3 Final Report Baker, T. 2006 24/Nov/2009
Project H4 Final Report Phillips, D. 2008 24/Nov/2009
Project I1 Final Report Gibson, G.M.Hitchman, A.P. 2005 24/Nov/2009