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A1 Yilgarn PDT Meeting, Perth, November 2004 pmd*CRC 2004 08/Feb/2010
A1 Yilgarn projects workshop, Perth, December 2003 Bierlein, F.P. 2003 08/Feb/2010
A1 data base SOM analysis, November 2003 Bierlein, F.P. 2003 09/Feb/2010
A1 overview; Annual Review Meeting, Perth, November 2003 Bierlein, F.P. 2003 09/Feb/2010
A1 talk, SEG 2004 Meeting, Perth, September 2004 Bierlein, F.P. 2004 08/Feb/2010
A1/F4; Characteristics of mineralised faults; Annual Review Meeting Perth, November 2003 Bierlein, F.P. 2005 04/Feb/2010
A3 Geophysical signatures of alteration and architecture P1 Chopping, R. 2006 01/Oct/2010
A3 Geophysical signatures of alteration and architecture P2 Chopping, R. 2006 01/Oct/2010
ASTER Processing Manual, Remote Sensing Applications, Geoscience Australia, internal report Kalinowski, A.A.Oliver, S. 2004 26/Aug/2010
Alteration mapping and fluid identification in the St. Ives Gold Camp (Petersen et al) Petersen, K.Neumayr, P.Hagemann, S. 2008 11/Feb/2010
Alteration of Komatiites in the Kalgoorlie-Kambalda area, Western Australia (Heydari et al) Heydari, M. 2008 11/Feb/2010
Alteration of the Kambalda Komatiite Formation in Heydari et al., Heydari, M. 2008 11/Feb/2010
An A2 scale time-space chart of published geochronology jpeg file complements the 3D map Cassidy, K. 2005 19/Mar/2010
An airborne gravity gradiometer survey of Broken Hill Lane, R.Milligan, P.R.Robson, D. 2003 20/Jun/2011
Animation of the Orogenic Surge model presented at Barossa 2004 Blewett, R. 2004 22/Feb/2010
Animation of the Yilgarn Craton tomography to a depth of 350 km Blewett, R. 2004 22/Feb/2010
Application of seismic techniques for imaging of lithospheric architecture presented at the final Y2 meeting in Perth, December 2004 Blewett, R. 2004 23/Mar/2010
Architecture and timing of gold mineralization at the Golden Mile gold deposit, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Gauthier et al Gauthier, L. 2008 11/Feb/2010
Architecture at the biggest scale - crustal scale cracks from worms, seismic and other large-scale geophysical observations Murphy, B. 2008 22/Feb/2010
Barossa conference combined Y3 team presentations 2004 pmd*CRC 2004 11/Feb/2010