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Field investigations of Proterozoic mafic-ultramafic intrusions in the Arunta Province, central Australia Hoatson, D.M.Stewart, A.J. 2001 08/Nov/2001
Geochemical Mass Transfer Patterns as Indicators of the Architecture of a Complete Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulfide Hydrothermal Alteration System in the Panorama District, Pilbara, Western Australia Huston, D.Growes, D.I.Mikucki, E.J.Gardoll, S.J. 2001 11/Nov/2010
Gold mineralisation of the Tanami region Wygralak, A.S.Mernagh, T.P. 2001 11/Nov/2010
Integrated geophysical and geological studies of the northeastern Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales : Eastern Lachlan Orogen Workshop, 7-9 March 2001 Korsch, R.J.Lyons, P. 2001 15/Feb/2001
Integrated geophysical appraisal of crustal architecture in the eastern Lachlan Orogen Direen, N.G.Lyons, P.Korsch, R.J. 2001 25/Oct/2010
Joint NTGS-AGSO age determination program 1999-2001 Smith, J. 2001 11/Nov/2010
Metal leaching and inorganic sulfate reduction in volcanic-hosted massive sulfide mineral systems: Evidence from the Paleoarchaean Panorama district, Western Australia Huston, D.Brauhart, C.W.Drieberg, S.L.Davidson, G.J.Groves, D.I. 2001 11/Nov/2010
Metallogenesis of the North Pilbara Terranne. 2001: a hydrothermal odyssey Huston, D.Blewett, R.Shen-Su, S. 2001 11/Nov/2010
North Pilbara National Geoscience Mapping Accord project (1995-2000) - Scientific highlights Blewett, R.S.Huston, D.L.Champion, D.C. 2001 20/Jul/2010
The Geological Framework of Tasmania Brown, A.V.Drummond, B.J.Korsh, R.J. 2001 25/Oct/2010
The geology of the Mount Edgar and Corunna Downs igneous complexes; East Pilbara Craton, Western Australia Sims, J.P.Carson, L.J. 2001 23/Aug/2002
A first-generation 3D model of the crustal architecture of the north-eastern Gawler Craton and implications for Olympic Dam-style mineral systems Direen, N.G.Lyons, P.Jagodzinski, E.A.Milligan, P.R.Skirrow, R.G. 2002 01/Jul/2002
A1 Baragwanath Seminar, November 2002 Bierlein, F.P. 2002 09/Feb/2010
A1 Review Meeting presentation, Canberra, December 2002 Bierlein, F.P. 2002 09/Feb/2010
Alteration and mineralisation settings in the Olympic Cu-Au province, Gawler Craton, South Australia Skirrow, R.G.Bastrakov, E.N.Raymond, O. 2002 01/Jul/2002
Alteration vectors to Olympic Dam-style and Ernest Henry-style Cu-Au mineralisation in the Moonta Subdomain Raymond, O.L. 2002 01/Dec/2002
An overview of Geoscience Australia work as part of the North Australia NGA Project Huston, D.L.Bacchin, M.Jaques, A.L.Jaireth, S.Larson, R.Meixner, A.J. 2002 27/Feb/2008
Analysis and 3D visualisation of new compilations of potential field data to help constrain 3D models Milligan, P.R.Direen, N.G.Lyons, P.Peljo, M. 2002 01/Jul/2002
Archaean tectonic processes: a case for horizontal shortening in the North Pilbara Granite-Greenstone Terrane, Western Australia Blewett, R. 2002 26/Oct/2010
Compilation of SHRIMP U-Pb geochronological data: Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, 2001-2002 Dunphy, J.M.Fletcher, I.R.Cassidy, K.F.Champion, D.C. 2002 27/Feb/2008