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Fluid Evolution and Origins of Iron Oxide Cu-Au Prospects in the Olympic Dam District, Gawler Craton, South Australia Bastrakov, E.N.Skirrow, R.G.Davidson, G.J. 2007 11/Oct/2010
Geochemical and reactive transport simulations of S.A. palaeochannel/sandstone hosted uranium systems Elmer, F.Potma, W. 2007 13/Apr/2010
Geochemical and reactive transport simulations of SA palaeochannel/sandstone hosted uranium systems Potma, W.Elmer, F. 2007 13/Apr/2010
Geochronological synthesis and Time-space plots for Proterozoic Australia Neumann, N.L.Fraser, G.L. 2007 10/Dec/2007
Geodynamic and Metallogenic Evolution of Proterozoic Australia from 1870 - 1550 Ma: a discussion Fraser, G.L.Huston, D.L.Maidment, D.W.Gibson, G.M. 2007 08/Feb/2008
H2: Pb-Pbstep-leaching as a leaching as a possible means of dating possible means of dating mineralisation, metamorphism mineralisation, metamorphism and deformation Bassano, K. 2007 08/Nov/2010
Inferred thrust imbrication, deformation gradients and the Lachlan Transverse Zone in the eastern belt of the Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales Glen, R.A.Wyborn, D. 2007 25/Oct/2010
Initial 'straw man' used in the targeting exercise and developed from earlier Y4 (PDT) Meeting in May 2007 Blewett, R. 2007 25/Mar/2011
Kalgoorlie 2007: Old Ground New Knowledge Conference Abstracts and Proceedings Bierlein, F.P. 2007 31/Jan/2008
Mesoproterozoic Gold in the Central Gawler Craton, South Australia: Geology, Alteration, Fluids, and Timing Fraser, G.L.Skirrow, R.G.Schmidt-Mumm, A.Holm, O. 2007 11/Oct/2010
New Insights from Key Proterozoic Mineral Provinces Johnson, J. 2007 08/May/2009
New insights into intrusion-related mineralisation in the Tasmanides Champion, D.C.Blevin, P.L. 2007 08/May/2009
Paterson AEM Survey: planned acquisition and interpretation Fisher, A. 2007 18/Jan/2008
Paterson area 1:250 000 scale solid geology interpretation and depth to basement model - explanatory notes Czarnota, K.Gerner, E.Maidment, D.W.Meixner, A.J.Bagas, L. 2007 11/Aug/2009
Pb-Pb step leaching PhD Abstract Bassano, K. 2007 08/Nov/2010
Project G14 Final report Murphy, B.Ailleres, L.Jupp, B.Leader, L.D.Lees, T. 2007 25/Nov/2009
Project G15 Final Report Blenkinsop, T. 2007 25/Nov/2009
Project H2 - Project Summary Bassano, K. 2007 08/Nov/2010
Regional crustal setting of iron oxide Cu-Au mineral systems of the Olympic Dam region, South Australia: insights from potential-field modeling Direen, N.G.Lyons, P. 2007 11/Oct/2010
Significance of Devonian-Carboniferous igneous activity in Tasmania as derived from U-Pb SHRIMP dating of zircon Black, L.P.McClenaghan, M.P.Korsch, R.J.Everard, J.L.Foudoulis, C. 2007 21/Sep/2010