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Review of mapping approaches to recharge and discharge estimation Pain, C.F.Gow, L.J.Wilford, J.R.Kilgour, P. 2010 21/May/2012
Speewa GIS; River Murray Corridor Salinity Mapping and Interpretation Project Apps, H.E.Cullen, K.Halas, L.Tan, K.P.Pain, C.Clarke, J.D.Lawrie, K.C.Gibson, D.Brodie, R.C.Wong, V. 2009 06/Oct/2011
Sustainable Management of Coastal Groundwater Resources Consortium of Government and Private 2011 16/Nov/2009
The contamination of groundwater by hydrocarbons, with brief notes on the hydrogeology of Canberra City, ACT Wilson, E.G. 1978 01/Jan/1978
The influence of geology and hydrogeology on landfill disposal of solid waste, and its application in Canberra, ACT Wilson, E.G. 1975 01/Jan/1975
The storage and retrieval system for hydrogeological data from the Great Artesian Basin Seidel, G.E. 1973 01/Jan/1973