Acknowledgements for Christmas Island online GIS

The Mineral Resources and Advice Group of Geoscience Australia would like to acknowledge the support of various Territories Office staff over the past five years, including Ms. Sema Varova, the Executive Director at the time of inception of the project, Mr. Hugh Moore, Mr. Peter Lawler and Ms. Sharon Leigh, whose efforts made the project and its continuation possible.

The original digital capture of cultural and topographic themes at 1:1000 scale was commissioned by the Department's Territories Office in a variety of projects over the past decade and was largely undertaken by the Australian Land Information Group (AUSLIG) Western Region. Responsibility for cadastral information component passed from AUSLIG to the Western Australian Department of Lands Administration (DOLA) in 1992. Data underpinning the 1996 ground audit of Christmas Island was developed jointly by AUSLIG, DOLA and the Australian Valuation Office (AVO) through Australian Estate Management (AEM) as consultants to Department of Transport and Regional Services Territories Office.

The contributions and assistance provided by staff at Phosphate Resources Limited, both on the Island and in Perth, helped significantly in the retrieval and packaging of one hundred years of mining information into the CIGIS. Staff at Parks Australia North also assisted with the access to old computing equipment storing 10 years of data from the Abbott's Booby study. Through this assistance valuable spatial and attribute data, which in many cases could have soon been lost, is now readily accessible.

The Christmas Island online map system was developed using the Google Maps API.

Compilation of data and its organisation into a GIS, along with the preparation of documentation, was undertaken by Geoscience Australia at the request of the Territories Office.

For further information regarding the data integration contact Keith Porritt.