Updated:  15 December 2011

Custodians of the Gazetteer of Australia

The Gazetteer of Australia is a compilation of more than 322 000 geographic names of Australia provided by members of the Committee for Geographic Names in Australasia.

Copyright of the Gazetteer of Australia resides with the custodian organisations as follows:

Gazetteer Code Jurisdiction Organisation
AAD Australian Government Australian Antarctic Division
AHO Australian Government Australian Hydrographic Service
GA Australian Government Geoscience Australia
ACT Australian Capital Territory ACT Planning and Land Authority
NSW New South Wales Geographical Names Board
NT Northern Territory Department of Planning and Infrastructure
QLD Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Water
SA South Australia Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure Land Services Group
TAS Tasmania Department of Primary Industries and Water
VIC Victoria Department of Sustainability and Environment
WA Western Australia Landgate

The custodians of the data do not guarantee that the data is free from errors and omissions. If you are experiencing difficulties with this application or you have identified possible errors or omissions in the data please contact gazetteer@ga.gov.au.

Unless otherwise noted, all Geoscience Australia material on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence.