Documents pertaining to the Cocos Islands Online GIS

Documents related to Cocos (Keeling) Island spatial data are available below, including the original Christmas Island GIS system documentation.

User Guides and Documentation

Planning Documents

  • Interpretation Plan for the Shire of Cocos (Keeling) Islands (4.3MB)

    A guide to telling the stories of the people and places of the Cocos Islands, for the benefit of visitors and for future generations of the community, using the Copra Industrial Precinct as the hub. The purpose of the Interpretation Plan is to identify the key Cocos stories and to recommend ways of weaving these together into a coherent whole, so that the stories are held for future generations of Cocos Malay people and made available to visitors.

  • Cocos Crown Land Management Plan (2.4MB)

    Plans for Crown land on the cocos islands with regard to conservation, economic, cultural and social values and the Shire's strategic direction philosophy, Vision 2010. Includes recommendations for future use, development priorities in the short, medium and long term.

  • Seawall Upgrade Design Concept (2.7MB)

    This report is provided by GHD Pty Ltd. identifying the limitations of the current seawall on the western shoreline, including investigations into and upgrade of the seawall and design concept for this work.

Studies and Reports

Other Documents

  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands Lagoon Shipping Passage Realignment (748KB)

    This document was produced by GHD Pty Ltd. and outlines the process to realign the shipping passage through the lagoon focusing on environmental impact issues.

  • Side Scan Sonar Paths & Interesting Features (5.6MB)

    The purpose of this survey was to confirm the revised shipping channel prior to opening in 2003 - i.e. no obstructions and markers placed appropriately. GA built shape files to show the paths taken by the sidescan sonar vessel and GA recorded a number of features that may not be natural that were subsequently inspected by Parks - however no new wreckage was located through this process.

  • Cocos GPS Station (GA website)

    This document shows the Cocos GPS station identification, co-ordinates, equipment and information.

  • 1992 NCPA Planning Data Documentation (820KB)

    This document was produced by the NCPA following the completion of a draft plan for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands concluding in 1992. The report describes the covers produced by the Arc/Info database that was created.

  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands GIS - Stage 1 Report (2.3MB)

    This report was produced by AGSO summarising the progress of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands GIS (Cocos GIS) on completion of Stage 1.

  • The Australian Heritage Council (external website)

    Online, searchable register of more than 12,000 places of natural, historic or indigeneous significance. Use the search to find details and photographs of sites in the national estate dataset.

  • The Cocos Island Visitor Centre (external website)

    This Cocos Island Visitor Centre page contains tourist information for the islands.

  • 2011 Strategic Review of Geoscience Australia (1.1MB)

    Includes the terms under which GA undertakes projects for other Commonwealth Departments.

Old Documentation

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Compilation of data and its organisation into a GIS, along with the preparation of documentation, was undertaken by Geoscience Australia at the request of the Territories Office.

For further information regarding this online GIS tool or the data integration, contact the Cocos Islands GIS staff.