images/iotmap.gif (9125 bytes) The Cocos (Keeling) Islands are located in the Indian Ocean 2,950 kilometres north-west of Perth, 700 kilometres west of Darwin and 900 kilometres south west of Christmas Island (96 52' East, 12 10' South). There are 27 coral islands in the group with a total land area of approximately 14 square kilometres.

For more information about the islands see the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport's Cocos (Keeling) Islands website.

About the Cocos (Keeling) Islands GIS

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands Geographic Information System is a collection of spatial data, viewing and analysis tools. The Online Map contains a sample of the data for viewing and inquiry. Maps and images on this website are not intended for navigation or to precisely locate any particular feature. The data includes orthophotography, topographic, cultural and environmental features, both of the islands and the immediately surrounding ocean. Browse the Documents section of this site for more information.

Compilation of data and its organisation into a GIS, along with the preparation of documentation, is undertaken by Geoscience Australia at the request of the Territories Office (Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport).

Please read the Disclaimer for appropriate use of this site and its maps.

For further information contact the Cocos Islands GIS staff.