Metadata for the Cocos Islands Online GIS

Project Summary

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands Geographic Information System was developed to help with land use management and planning on Australia's Indian Ocean Territory of Christmas Island. The system stores thematic digital data in separate layers. The layers display the locations of roads, buildings and utilities, land surface, orthophotography and digital elevation, etc.

A sample of the available data layers is displayed in this online GIS. The full range of spatial data included in the Cocos GIS can be requested on DVD by contacting the Cocos Islands GIS staff. Information about each of these layers is presented in the following metadata sheets:

  • Orthophotography created from the 2011 aerial photography
  • Orthophotography created from the 1987 aerial photography
  • Topographic data, such as buildings, roads and infrastructure, based on the 1987 aerial photography.
  • 2012 Cadastre from Landgate WA, with attributes added by Geoscience Australia. Only a small subset of available attributes and selected records are displayed in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Online GIS version.
  • 0.5m contours for the whole island, created from the 2011 Digital Elevation Model.

Interested users may also view the entire Cocos (Keeling) Islands GIS metadata.

Sample Datasets

Some vector layers displayed in the online map are available for download below as kmz files: