Australian Stratigraphic Units Database

The objectives of the Australian Stratigraphic Units Database are to provide the primary national standard for geological names in Australia and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication of geological unit information.


The Australian Stratigraphic Units Database (ASUD) originated as the National Register of Stratigraphic Names in 1949. The register was originally set up to help geoscientists adhere to the (then) newly created Australian Code of Stratigraphic Nomenclature (Lenz, et al, 1996). All information was held in a card file system until 1979 when the database was first developed electronically.

The database now records information on all Australian stratigraphic units and their usage in literature, making it a centralised reference point for all Australian stratigraphic unit information. The database is also the repository for definition descriptions for these units.

For many digital databases and digital geological maps, the database can act as an authority table with the potential to automatically provide information on the related parentage, age and province.

The database is maintained by Geoscience Australia in collaboration with the Geological Society of Australia's Australian Stratigraphy Commission.

For more information please contact or refer to the Guide to the Australian Stratigraphic Names Database.

Note: This guide presents an overview of the database structure and links to other AGSO databases as they were in 1996. There have been subsequent modifications to both the database structure and the presentation format but the purpose, general structure and types of reports available from the database remain current.

Using the Stratigraphic Units Database

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