Spatial Data Dictionary Module 2 of 4

Geology, Geophysical, Geochemistry and Geochronology Themes

The Government Geologists Information Policy Advisory Committee (GGIPAC) has released the National Geological Data Standard Model (NGDM) for geological map data. The NGDM v1.0 may be used in a database and/or GIS environment. It is not a comprehensive data model for all geological data, but is designed to be a relatively simple standard data format that can be used as a basis for data transfer between government, industry and academic organisations.

The following themes in Module 2 have been updated to comply with the National Geological Data Model (NGDM):

NGDM compliant themes

  • Geology – Geol
  • Solid geology – SOLGEOL
  • Geophysical interpretation – GPHINTn

New and modified columns

  • Field Name renamed GA Field Name
  • Field Type renamed Attribute Type eg. 12, 12, C
  • NGDM Field Name added. This is because the NGDM name is software-independent and doesn't take into account that ESRI shapefiles and coverages are limited to 10 and 16 characters respectively. The NDGM name is full length and 'GA Field' is the abbreviated name for shapefiles/coverages.
  • Format field added eg. String

Additional themes

  • Geophysical rock properties – ROCKPROP
  • Rock property measurements (magnetic susceptibilities, densities and porosities) from hand samples, drill cores and rock outcrops.

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