New Releases

Listing of some of Geoscience Australia's most recent releases.

A manganese oxide discovery, Carrara Range, South Nicholson region, NT
Elizabeth and Middleton Reef multibeam sonar backscatter survey (GA4848)
Introduction to the geography of Australia (education video)
Rocks from volcanoes (education video)
Introduction to fossils (education video)
Understanding the National Earthquake Alerts Centre (education video)
Seamounts, Canyons and Reefs of the Coral Sea bathymetry survey (FK200802/GA0365)
Ice Power
Outer Darwin Harbour Bathymetry Survey (SOL6187/GA0351)
Burial and thermal history analysis of the northern Lawn Hill Platform, Isa Superbasin, Part A
Northern Depths of the Great Barrier Reef bathymetry survey (FK200930/GA4866)
Darwin Harbour Bathymetry Survey 2010 (GA0333)
Whole-rock inorganic geochemistry of sedimentary rocks from northern Australia
Bynoe Harbour Habitat Mapping Bathymetry Survey (SOL6432/GA4452)
Complete Radiometric Grid of Australia (Radmap) v4 2019 with modelled infil
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from the Cobar Basin, New South Wales: Mineral Systems Projects, July 2018-June 2019
Marine Seismic Surveys and the Environment: An updated critical review of the potential impacts of marine seismic surveys on fish and invertebrates
Exploring for the Future—Bore positioning survey data release for the Nulla and McBride basalt provinces: Upper Burdekin region, North Queensland
EFTF Industry Stakeholder Workshop presentation 2020
Geophysical Surveys and Datasets WFS
Geophysical Surveys and Datasets WMS
Geophysical Surveys and Datasets Database (GEOPHYS_SURV)
Tongatapu probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment
Exploring for the Future – Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SNMR) method
Maturation characteristics of samples from Wallara-1 well, Canning Basin, as deduced from FT-ICR-MS analysis
Canning Basin (Kidson Sub-basin) and Carnarvon-Perth Basin Onshore 2D Reflection Seismic Data Reprocessing
Otway Basin bathymetry
Global dissipation models for simulating tsunamis at far-field coasts up to 60 hours post-earthquake: Multi-site tests in Australia
Sixth Generation Seismic Hazard Model of Canada: Input files to produce values proposed for the 2020 National Building Code of Canada
Positions and orientations for the Queensland corner reflector array, Australia: Report on geodetic surveys conducted in May and June 2018
Geological Survey of Western Australia: SWAN takes off - a new seismic monitoring project in Western Australia
Exploring for the Future—Regional hydrogeological characterisation of the McBride and Nulla basalt provinces: Upper Burdekin region, North Queensland
Australia's Land Borders
2019 B-Series De-trended Global Isostatic Residual Gravity Map of Australia
Exploring for the Future-Hydrogeological investigations in the Tennant Creek region, Northern Territory
North Australian Craton iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) mineral potential assessment: geospatial data
Macquarie Ridge bathymetry survey (RS9401/GA0124)
Fossil shell stories (primary)
National Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment for Papua New Guinea (2019 Revision)
Bulk kinetics of Proterozoic kerogens from the McArthur Basin and Lawn Hill Platform, northern Australia
Elizabeth and Middleton Reef bathymetry survey (GA4848)
Seafloor bathymetry of the Sabrina slope canyons, East Antarctic margin