New Releases

Listing of some of Geoscience Australia's most recent releases.

Cape Darnley Bathymetry Grid v.1
Lithospheric resistivity model of the Delamerian Orogen from AusLAMP magnetotelluric data
Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI) Grid of Australia 2019 - seventh edition Enhanced Products Package
Subsidence monitoring in the Sydney Basin, New South Wales. Results of the Camden Environmental Monitoring Project
Seismic Monitoring of NSW CSG Areas: Monitoring of seismic activity in the CSG production area of Camden and the seismicity of the region
Processing Plants MapServer
Processing Plants WMS
Petrography and seal capacity of a diamictite from Waukarlycarly-1: Report for Geoscience Australia
Petrography of samples from Waukarlycarly-1: Report for Geoscience Australia
Report on the analysis of the Asia Pacific Regional Geodetic Project (APRGP) GPS Campaign 2019
Evaluating zircon initial Hf isotopic composition using a combined SIMS-MC-LASS-ICP-MS approach: a case study from the Coompana Province in South Australia
Exploring for the Future – New SHRIMP geochronology constraints on the basin evolution of the South Nicholson region
Exploring for the Future: data release of whole-rock Re–Os from the South Nicholson region, Northern Territory and Queensland
Australian Resource Reviews: Tungsten 2019
Exploring for the Future- South Nicholson Basin and Lawn Hill Platform geomechanical testing data release
Exploring for the Future: Fluid inclusions from the Benmara and Carrara Range regions, Northern Territory: Buddycurrawa Volcanics (Benmara Group) and Plain Creek Formation (McNamara Group)
Housing damage in windstorms and mitigation for Australia
Victorian Bushfires 2009 Demographic Analysis
Lessons from Cyclone Larry in co-ordinated earthquake post-disaster surveys
National Exposure Information System (NEXIS) For Australia: Risk Assessment Opportunities
Seismic vulnerability functions for Australian buildings by using GEM empirical vulnerability assessment guidelines
Demographics for Fire Risk Analysis, Regional Victoria and peri-urban Melbourne
AIMR 2019 Critical Minerals MapServer
AIMR 2019 Critical Minerals WMS
Towards an updated national seismic assessment for Australia
Towards real-time earthquake impact alerting in Indonesia
The 2012 Australian Seismic Hazard Map - Introduction and Approach
Shear-wave velocity and site-amplification factors for 50 Australian sites determined by the spectral analysis of surface waves method
Trial Sixth Generation seismic-hazard model of Canada: seismic-hazard values for selected localities
Inferred Base of Nulla Basalt
Inferred Base of McBride Basalt
Exploring for the Future—Groundwater contours for the McBride and Nulla basalt provinces: Upper Burdekin region, North Queensland
Probabilistic Inversion of Audio Magnetotelluric Data in the East Tennant region, Northern Territory, Australia
Exploring for the Future - Waukarlycarly 1 petrophysical testing program data release, Canning Basin, Australia
2020 Offshore Petroleum Acreage Release Areas
Resources Export Ports GIS dataset
Battery Storage Facilities
Resources Export Ports MapServer
Resources Export Ports WMS
Battery Storage Facilities MapServer
Battery Storage Facilities WMS
AusPIX DGGS Australian Major Geographies Integration data-set. (AWS)
AusPIX DGGS calculation engine (AWS live)
AusPIX DGGS Cells Database as a Linked-Data API (AWS live)
AusPIX DGGS Individual Dataset Enablement API developed by CSIRO for GA)
AusPIX Implementation Framework for data integration, statistics and visualisation by DGGS Location.
AusPIX DGGS introductory video
AusPIX DGGS ontology description (Git)
Place-names Linked data live linked data API (AWS)
Place-names Git hub code API repository (GitHub)
Place-names- ontology
AusPIX DGGS repository linked-data API codebase (GitHub)
Treaties - Australian Maritime Boundaries AMB2014a WMS
Treaties - Australian Maritime Boundaries AMB2014a MapServer
Treaties - Australian Maritime Boundaries AMB2014a WFS
Treaties - Australian Maritime Boundaries MapServer
Treaties - Australian Maritime Boundaries WMS
Treaties - Australian Maritime Boundaries WFS
Chemostratigraphy of Waukarlycarly-1, Canning Basin, Western Australia: Report for Geoscience Australia
Chemostratigraphy of Kidson-1, Willara-1 and Samphire Marsh-1, Canning Basin, Western Australia: Report for Geoscience Australia
Australian Critical Minerals Map 2020
Geomagnetic Observation Records
Geomagnetic Observation Records - Alice Springs Observatory (ASP)
Geomagnetic Observation Records - Canberra Observatory (CNB)
Geomagnetic Observation Records - Casey Observatory (CSY)
Geomagnetic Observation Records - Charters Towers Observatory (CTA)
Geomagnetic Observation Records - Gnangara Observatory (GNA)
Geomagnetic Observation Records - Kakadu Observatory (KDU)
Geomagnetic Observation Records - Learmonth Observatory (LRM)
Geomagnetic Observation Records - Mawson Observatory (MAW)
Geomagnetic Observation Records - Macquarie Island Observatory (MCQ)
Exploring for the Future in the Canning Basin The Kidson Sub-basin seismic survey, Waukarlycarly-1 stratigraphic well and Centralian Super Basin well correlation study
Regional petroleum systems visualised in the EFTF Data Discovery Portal
The structure and stratigraphy of the South Nicholson region – implications for resource prospectivity
Energy prospectivity of the South Nicholson region
The 2016 Mw 6.1 Petermann Ranges earthquake rupture, Australia: another "one-off" stable continental region earthquake
Near-field directionality of earthquake strong ground motions measured by displaced geological objects
Rupture Characteristics and the Structural Control of the 2016 Mwp 6.1 Intraplate Earthquake in the Petermann Ranges, Australia
Surface-Rupturing Historical Earthquakes in Australia and Their Environmental Effects: New Insights from Re-Analyses of Observational Data
Surface rupture and distributed deformation revealed by optical satellite imagery: The intraplate 2016 Mw 6.0 Petermann Ranges earthquake, Australia
Earthquake environmental effects produced by the Mw 6.1, 20th May 2016 Petermann earthquake, Australia
Geomagnetic Magnetogram Records
Geomagnetic Magnetogram Records - Wilkes Observatory (WIL)
Geomagnetic Magnetogram Records - Toolangi Observatory (TOO)
Geomagnetic Magnetogram Records - Macquarie Island Observatory (MCQ)
Geomagnetic Magnetogram Record - Mawson Observatory (MAW)
Volcanic hazards: What would an Emergency Manager do?
The 1960 Chilean earthquake and tsunami helped prepare Australia for tsunami
The Geology of Minecraft
Earthquake monitoring (primary)
If it doesn't rain it pours: estimating flood risk for safer communities
Disaster risk and resilience capability
National Hazard Assessments
A new wave of tsunami hazard data
Reflections from Sendai: lessons for Australia
Tsunami in Australia: challenging assumptions, building preparedness
Applying science to build resilience to tropical cyclones
Yes, earthquakes happen in Australia - are we prepared?
Ground-motion models for the 6th Generation Seismic Hazard Model of Canada
Contribution of the Leech River-Devil's Mountain fault system to seismic hazard in Victoria, B.C.
Deaggregation of NBCC 2015 seismic hazard for selected Canadian cities
Canada's 6th Generation Seismic Hazard Model, as prepared for the 2020 National Building Code of Canada
Access to hazard and risk information to underpin decision-making
National Guidelines for Tsunami Hazard Modelling: A collaboration between scientists and end-users
Scientific talks about hazards: summaries for teachers
Mapping the ocean floor
Deakin University Apollo Marine Park Multibeam Sonar Survey 2020
Illuminating the Biodiversity of the Cape Range and Cloates Canyons
Olympic Domain Infill MT Survey - 2018
The effects of storm clustering on storm demand and dune recession at Old Bar, NSW
A Methodology for Post-Mainshock Probabilistic Assessment of Building Collapse Risk
Developing fragilities for mainshock-damaged structures through incremental dynamic analysis
Comparison of Mainshock and Aftershock Fragility Curves Developed for New Zealand and U.S. Buildings
Aftershock Fragility Curves and Tagging Assessments for a Mainshock-Damaged Building
National Geochemical Survey of Australia: Plutonium Isotopes Dataset
Enhanced barest earth Landsat imagery for soil and lithological modelling: Dataset
Tectonic geomorphology of Australia
Geomorphic and cosmogenic nuclide constraints on escarpment evolution in an intraplate setting, Darling Escarpment, Western Australia
Episodic post‐rift deformation in the south‐eastern Australian passive margin: evidence from the Lapstone Structural Complex
Surface rupture and distributed deformation revealed by optical satellite imagery: The intraplate 2016 Mw 6.0 Petermann Ranges earthquake, Australia
A record of stable continental region earthquakes from Western Australia spanning the late Pleistocene: Insights for contemporary seismicity
Preliminary Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis of the CO2CRC Otway Project Site, Victoria, Australia
The Western Australia shear zone