New Releases

Listing of some of Geoscience Australia's most recent releases.

L212 Barkly 2D Seismic Survey
New U–Pb geochronology for the South Nicholson region and implications for stratigraphic correlations
The late Paleoproterozoic Buddycurrawa Volcanics, South Nicholson region
Onshore Basin Inventory: building on Geoscience Australia's pre-competitive work program with Exploring for the Future
Development of the open source MTPy package for magnetotelluric data analysis and visualisation
Deep northern Australian 2D seismic reflection surveys
Australian Lithospheric Architecture Magnetotelluric Project (AusLAMP): New South Wales: data release (Phase one)
Rock-Eval pyrolysis data from wells of the Canning Basin, Australia: Destructive Analysis Report 2020-004
Tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Centralian Superbasin (Australia) revealed by three-dimensional well correlations
Data integration for greenfields exploration: an example from the East Tennant region, Northern Territory
Developing thermochemical models of Australia's lithosphere
Economic Fairways Assessments across Northern Australia
AusArray: Imaging the lithospheric mantle using body-wave tomography
Major Crustal Boundaries MapServer
Major Crustal Boundaries WMS
A multidisciplinary approach to improving energy prospectivity in the South Nicholson region
Managed aquifer recharge prospectivity mapping in the Northern Territory arid zone using remotely sensed data
Land access and Indigenous engagement for Australian geoscience
East Kimberley vegetation structure
East Kimberley remotely sensed datasets
The Australian Exposure Information Platform (AEIP), Statistical Areas Level 2 (SA2) exposure information
AusAEM: imaging the near-surface from the world's largest airborne electromagnetic survey
Geochronology And Isotopes WMS
Geochronology And Isotopes WFS
Delineation of geology and groundwater resources in a frontier region: Western Davenport, Northern Territory
A multifaceted approach to investigating hydrogeological complexities in the Koolpinyah Dolostone Aquifer, Howard East, Northern Territory
South Nicholson Basin seismic interpretation
Interpretation of the AusAEM1: insights from the world's largest airborne electromagnetic survey
Gas systems in the onshore Canning Basin as revealed by gas trapped in fluid inclusions
Exploring for the Future: Kidson Sub-basin seismic interpretation
Seamless chronostratigraphic solid geology of the North Australian Craton
Australian Exposure Information MapServer
Australian Exposure Information WFS
Australian Exposure Information WMS
Structural evolution of the South Nicholson region: insight from the 2017 L210 reflection seismic survey
Lithospheric-scale controls on zinc–lead–silver deposits of the North Australian Zinc Belt: evidence from isotopic and geophysical data
Multi-scale topographic position image of Australia
Shale brittleness in the Isa Superbasin, northern Lawn Hill Platform
Northern Australia Geochemical Survey: a review of regional soil geochemical patterns
Present-day stresses of the Canning Basin, WA
Mapping crustal structures through scale reduction magnetotelluric survey in the East Tennant region, northern Australia
Uncover-ML: a machine learning pipeline for geoscience data analysis
Visioning the Coral Sea (FK200429)
Application of high-resolution LiDAR data for hydrogeological investigations
Groundwater salinity estimation using borehole and AEM data: a framework for uncertainty analysis
Australian Hydrochemistry Data
Hydrochemistry Service WFS
Hydrochemistry Service WMS
Tennant Creek – Mount Isa IOCG mineral potential assessment
Towards a Pb isotope regolith map of the Australian continent: a Northern Territory perspective
NDVI combined classification for the McBride and Nulla basalt provinces
Basement architecture from the Pilbara Craton to the Aileron Province: new insights from deep seismic reflection line 18GA-KB1
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon and monazite geochronology of the East Tennant region: a possible undercover extension of the Warramunga Province, Tennant Creek
Upper Burdekin Groundwater Raster Products WMS
Upper Burdekin Groundwater Raster Products WMTS
Upper Burdekin Groundwater Raster Products WCS
A regional perspective of the Paleo- and Mesoproterozoic petroleum systems of northern Australia
Kidson Sub-basin seismic survey and Waukarlycarly 1 stratigraphic well: an acquisition program for evaluating Canning Basin petroleum systems
Identification of a new ca. 1660 Ma Au-Cu-Bi metallogenic event at Tennant Creek
AusLAMP: imaging the Australian lithosphere for resource potential, an example from northern Australia
Alteration of mafic igneous rocks of the southern McArthur Basin: comparison with the Mount Isa region and implications for basin-hosted base metal deposits
The Northern Australia Hydrogeochemical Survey: aquifer lithologies, local backgrounds and undercover processes
AusArray: quality passive seismic data to underpin updatable national velocity models of the lithosphere
Australian source rocks, fluids and petroleum systems – a new integrated geoscience data discovery portal for maximising data potential
Australia 1 :5 000 000 Topographic Drainage Divisions and River Catchments
Enhanced barest earth Landsat imagery for soil and lithological modelling
Revised weathering intensity model of Australia
Minerals on the edge: Sediment-hosted base metal endowment above steps in lithospheric thickness
Generation of high-quality data for energy, minerals and groundwater by Geoscience Australia's laboratories
Spatio-temporal evolution of Australian lithosphere–asthenosphere boundary from mafic volcanism
Mapping the cover in northern Australia: towards a unified national 3D geological model
Hydrogeology of the McBride and Nulla basalt provinces in the Upper Burdekin region, north Queensland
Exploring for the Future: advancing the search for groundwater, energy and mineral resources
Putting all your EGGS in one basket: the Estimates of Geological and Geophysical Surfaces database
Exploiting Cenozoic volcanic activity to quantify upper mantle structure beneath eastern Australia
Metamorphic evolution of Australia
High-Performance Seismological Tools (HiPerSeis)
Moho variations in northern Australia
OMA 1994 MapServer
OMA 1994 WMS
OMA 1994 WFS
MinEx CRC Cobar Airborne Electromagnetic Survey, NSW, 2019: XCITE® AEM data and conductivity estimates
The Australian Exposure Information Platform (AEIP), Statistical Areas Level 1 (SA1) exposure information
Australian Surface Hydrology MapServer
Australian Surface Hydrology WFS
Australian Surface Hydrology WMTS
Australian Surface Hydrology WMS
Tropical cyclone impact data layer
Neotectonic constraint on models of strain localisation within Australian Stable Continental Region (SCR) crust
Dynamic National Map Hydrology and Marine MapServer
Dynamic National Map Hydrology and Marine WMS
A quantitative Bayesian approach for selecting a deterministic inversion model
Geochemistry of the North Australian Craton: Piecing it Together
Squid3: Next-generation data processing software for Sensitive High Resolution Ion Micro Probe (SHRIMP)
Precise U–Pb baddeleyite dating of the Derim Derim Dolerite: evidence for episodic mafic magmatism in the greater McArthur Basin
Geomorphic features of the Antarctic margin and Southern Ocean 2012 WMS
Geomorphic features of the Antarctic margin and Southern Ocean 2012 WFS
Geomorphic features of the Antarctic margin and Southern Ocean 2012 MapServer
Daly River Region AEM SkyTEM airborne electromagnetic survey
Pore anisotropy in unconventional hydrocarbon source rocks: a small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) study on the Arthur Creek Formation, Georgina Basin, Australia
Australian Resource Reviews: Gold 2019
Australian Resource Reviews: Iron Ore 2019
Shale Gas Prospectivity of the Lawn Hill Platform, Isa Superbasin
A multiproxy characterisation of shale brittleness in the Isa Superbasin, northern Australia
Ambient Noise Tomography of Australia: application to AusArray deployment
Australian Fundamental Gravity Network (AFGN)
Australian Fundamental Gravity Network (AFGN) WFS
Australian Fundamental Gravity Network (AFGN) WMS
The 2018 Lake Muir earthquake sequence, south west Western Australia: insights into the characteristics of Australian stable continental region earthquakes
Upper Burdekin Chloride Mass Balance Recharge WMS
Upper Burdekin Chloride Mass Balance Recharge MapServer
Chloride Mass Balance recharge estimation, points dataset, McBride and Nulla basalt provinces
Tasseled Cap Wetness Percentiles 25m
NEXIS Residential Dwelling Density WCS
NEXIS Residential Dwelling Density MapServer
NEXIS Residential Dwelling Density WMS
National Exposure Information System (NEXIS) Residential Dwelling Density Exposure