New Releases

Listing of some of Geoscience Australia's most recent releases.

Product Title Release Date
Tsunami variability from uncalibrated stochastic earthquake models: Tests against deep ocean observations 2006-2016 July 2019
Developing Northern Australia (First Edition), May 2019 July 2019
New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages from the South Nicholson and Carrara Range regions, Northern Territory July 2019
Surface Hydrology Database Specifications July 2019
Mapping iron oxide Cu-Au (IOCG) mineral potential in Australia using a knowledge-driven mineral systems-based approach July 2019
Broken Hill Managed Aquifer Recharge (BHMAR) SkyTEM Airborne Electromagnetic Survey, NSW, 2009. July 2019
Australian Resource Reviews: Vanadium 2018 July 2019
Australian Resource Reviews: Tin 2018 July 2019
Geochemical Compositions of Natural Gases from the wells Roc 1 and Roc 2, Roebuck Basin, Australia July 2019
TOC and Rock-Eval pyrolysis data from the well Roc 2, Roebuck Basin, Australia July 2019
SnT 2019 Poster - Relative location of North Korean nuclear tests using IMS data June 2019
2018 Lake Muir, WA, Earthquake Sequence June 2019
Geoscience Australia Bathymetry Compilations June 2019
Combined study of static and dynamic reservoir modelling for the CO2 storage project in deep saline aquifer in Zhundong, Xinjiang, China May 2019
Dynamic modelling for feasibility study of the shallow CO2 injection experiment at the CO2CRC Otway site, Victoria, Australia May 2019
Producing Magnetite and Hematite Alteration Proxies using 3D Gravity and Magnetic Inversion: Method and results for the Tennant Creek—Mount Isa Project, northern Australia May 2019
Digital Earth Australia - Open Cloud Infrastructure May 2019
Estimates of Geological and Geophysical Surfaces WMS May 2019
Estimates of Geological and Geophysical Surfaces WFS May 2019
L211 Kidson Sub-Basin 2D Seismic Survey May 2019
Browse Basin Cretaceous and Cenozoic surface grids May 2019
The Roebuck Basin, Beagle and Barcoo Sub-basin Well Folio May 2019
Triassic Horizon Grids, Isochron Grids, and Fault Maps, Central North West Shelf May 2019
Oxygen isotopic heterogeneity in the Temora-2 reference zircon May 2019
Australian Resource Reviews: Graphite 2018 May 2019
Australian Resource Reviews: Lithium 2018 May 2019
New SHRIMP U–Pb zircon and titanite ages from the Lachlan Orogen and the New England Orogen, New South Wales: Mineral Systems Projects, July 2016-June 2017 May 2019