Earth Monitoring and Reference Systems

Geoscience Australia monitors and reports on earthquakes, tsunamis and the Earth's magnetic field. We contribute to international efforts to monitor nuclear tests, and provide capacity building to allow the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory in Papua New Guinea to monitor and warn citizens of volcanic eruptions. We also monitor the shape of the Earth in the Australian region, and contribute to the development of geospatial reference systems.

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New standards for the surveying and geospatial industries

The surveying and spatial communities working in Australia will be able to ensure greater integrity in their work following the release of a new standard.
Astronomical Information

Resources for calculating moon and sunrise and set times as well as moon and planet data.

Geodesy and Global Navigation Systems

Such as Global Positioning System (GPS), AUSGeoid, AUSPOS, sunrise and sunset times, geodetic calculations and overview information about Geodesy.


Includes geomagnetism factsheets, data and reports, our capabilities in this area, and governance information.

Geophysical Network

Geophysical data on earthquakes, nuclear explosions and geomagnetic fields to assist with mitigation and disaster management strategies.

Governance - Earth Monitoring and Reference Systems

Australian Government and international obligations governing Geoscience Australia's earth monitoring activities.

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