Australian Fiducial Network

Map of Australia indicating the locations of Australian Fiducial Network sites in Hobart, Canberra, Townsville, Darwin, Alice Springs, Ceduna, Yarragadee and Karratha.

Australian Fiducial Network

The Australian Fiducial Network (AFN) consists of eight permanent, continuously operating, Geodetic Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers on the Australian mainland and Tasmania. The network was initially observed during the International GPS Service for Geodynamics (IGS) Epoch '92 campaign, July-August, 1992. The AFN, in conjunction with additional sites beyond the Australian mainland, forms the Australian Regional GNSS Network (ARGN).

Data from all the ARGN sites are automatically downloaded to Geoscience Australia in Canberra using a variety of dedicated phone lines, internet and/or satellite communications. This data is used for a range of scientific, geodynamic and other projects including integrity monitoring and legal traceability.

Two independent solutions of the AFN were determined by Govind (1994) and Morgan et al (1994b). The AFN (and hence GDA94) station coordinates are based on the ITRF92 at epoch 1994.0 and are estimated to have a precision of a few centimetres (2-4 parts in 10**9).

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