Data Availability

The Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) data from Geoscience Australia and associated Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) are freely available for download through the GA anonymous FTP server under a creative commons licence.

Data products

Depending on the stations data access policy, the following products are available for download. Geoscience Australia groups stations into networks according to their purpose.

Product Sample Rate Length Format Network Latency
Daily 30 secs 24 hour RINEX ARGN, SPRGN, AuScope 2 hours after UTC day
Hourly 30 secs 1 hour RINEX ARGN, SPRGN, AuScope 5 mins after UTC hour
High-rate 1 sec 15 min RINEX ARGN, SPRGN, AuScope 2 mins after UTC quarter hour
Real-time 1 sec stream RTCM (NTRIP) ARGN, SPRGN 2 secs after observation

Daily RINEX products are stored online permanently. Hourly products are stored for several months. High-rate data products are stored online for at least 6 months. Older high-rate files are available by request, contact

Real-time streams

Geoscience Australia collects 1Hz RTCM3 real-time streams from the ARGN, SPRGN and AuScope networks across a variety of communication methods. Usually, most sites will have latencies below 2 secs however because of the communication methods used at some sites, the latency can be larger than 2 seconds and potentially unusable as a base station stream for RTK purposes. Geoscience Australia provides access to real-time streams on a best effort basis and is unable to guarantee completeness or low latency on our real-time data streams.

Real-time stream access is freely available to the ARGN and SPRGN by subscription (please note no differential corrections are provided). For further information on accessing these data streams refer to GA_NTRIPCaster_Info.txt or contact

Metadata and station logs

Metadata and site information is maintained as an International GNSS Service (IGS) station logs. These files are in ASCII format and show the current and historical information about the station and its equipment.

The station log filename is composed of the 4-character marker name, followed by the 4-digit year, 2-digit month and 2-digit day e.g. alic_20111225.log is the site log for the CORS at Alice Springs, prepared on 25 December 2011.

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