Earth Observation and Satellite Imagery

Geoscience Australia provides Earth observation services, expert advice, and information for decision makers through our National Earth Observation Group (previously known as ACRES). We are Australia's principal earth resource satellite ground station and data processing facility. More about our capabilities.

Basics - Earth Observation and Satellite Imagery
Learn about satellite imagery and why we use it. View satellite images of natural disasters and significant events, plus more in our 'basics' section.
Our Capabilities - Earth Observation and Satellite Imagery
An outline of our capabilities, including examples of recent work.
Satellites and Sensors
A description of each satellite and sensor with links to product information.
Land Cover
The National Dynamic Land Cover Dataset of Australia is the first nationally consistent and thematically comprehensive land cover reference for Australia.

Government Procurement of Optical Geospatial Radar and Elevation (OGRE) OGRE is streamlining and improving the way the Commonwealth Government acquires Earth observation imagery and services.

Sentinel is a national bushfire monitoring system that provides timely information about hotspots to emergency service managers across Australia.
Contact Earth Observation Client Services

Our contact information for enquiries, including our location and opening hours.

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