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ASTER user advisory change in status alert - January 12, 2009 External site link

ASTER SWIR detectors are no longer functioning due to anomalously high SWIR detector temperatures. ASTER SWIR data acquired since April 2008 is not useable, and show saturation of values and severe striping. All attempts to bring the SWIR bands back to life have failed, and no further action is envisioned. VNIR and TIR data continue to show excellent quality, meeting all mission requirements and specifications.

Geoscience Australia archive

  • Geoscience Australia USGS ASTER data: This data was originally sourced from the EROS Data Centre, USGS. It consists of over 14,000 level 1A scenes and over 5000 level 1B scenes with acquisition dates ranging mostly from March 2000 to June 2002. The cloud free scenes from this part of the archive cover approximately 60-70% of Australia's land mass.

All ASTER scenes in the Geoscience Australia archive can be searched using the Earth Observation Catalogue.

Processing levels and product details

Clients who wish to derive their own Digital Elevation Model (DEM) will generally purchase Level 1A data which is path oriented and has no radiometric or geometric corrections applied. Clients wanting these corrections applied would normally purchase Level 1B data which is also path oriented.

Data format

ASTER data from Geoscience Australia is archived and supplied in HDF format, which can be read by a number of image processing systems.

How to process ASTER data

See A simple guide to ASTER Mineral Index Processing for an outline on how to process ASTER data in ER Mapper to generate Mineral Index Maps.


The USGS ASTER is available under a Creative Commons 3.0 External site link license.

Enquiries and orders for ASTER data

If you wish to place an order please contact Earth Observations.

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