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Geoscience Australia is facilitating access to a specific collection of Quickbird satellite images covering various coastal locations around Australia. The data were acquired as part of a joint project with CSIRO Land and Water and the University of Tasmania as part of the National Land and Water Resource Audit.

Specific details:

Number of scenes 83
Average scence size 16.5km × 16.5km at nadir
Spectral bands 4 bands (blue, green, red, near-infrared)
Pixel size 2.4 metres
Scene locations

Coastal areas around Australia at various locations.

Further details are available at the National Land and Water Resources Audit where locations can be viewed through the "HTML Quickbird Results" on the navigation bar.  

Total file size Approximately 43GB
Media 64 GB Memory Stick
Price $280 (including freight)

The data are available to Commonwealth, State and Local government agencies under a special licence negotiated with the satellite operator, DigitalGlobe. Access is available also to private entities who are involved in OzCoasts activities.

Note that Geoscience Australia is distributing the data as supplied by DigitalGlobe.


These Quickbird processed products are available only from the Geoscience Australia Sales Centre. On receiving your request for Quickbird products, the Sales Centre will need to apply to DigitalGlobe on your behalf to obtain agreement for you to be licensed. However, this will not be necessary if you have been approved by DigitalGlobe previously. Once approved, you will need to formally accept the conditions of the QuickBird End User Licence Agreement when placing an order.

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