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Geoscience Australia warrants to provide data products and services to described specifications.

A defective product is defined as:

  • a product not made according to the parameters of the Confirmation of Orders
  • a product not meeting the relevant Geoscience Australia data specification
  • a product physically damaged in transit.

If you believe a product is defective you should advise Earth Observation Client Services and return the product as soon as possible and no later than within 30 days of the date of dispatch.

We will advise you of our assessment by email or fax within two working days of receiving the returned product. If we agree that the product is defective, we will remake it free of charge and dispatch it either via FTP or courier within two working days, or, provide a credit note.

If we determine the product is not defective but you still require a replacement product then you must bear the full cost of the replacement. You will be entitled to retain the original product.

This warranty applies only to products advised and returned within the 30 day period from the date of dispatch.

Topic contact: Last updated: June 17, 2013