Canberra, The Changing Capital

Map showing the location of Canberra. 

Map showing location of Canberra
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This Landsat time-sequence, acquired over the period 1987-2000, shows the changing urban landscape in the Canberra region.

The different shades of green in the images are due to the wetness or dryness of the climate at the time of imaging.

The feature begins with the September 1987 Landsat 5 image. In general, the white areas are new urban developments or commercial/industrial complexes. This scene shows the new urban developments of Jerrabomberra, south of Queanbeyan in the east, Isaacs in the Woden Valley area and the major development in the Tuggeranong Valley in the southern part of the image.

The February 1993 Landsat 5 TM image shows the Mitchell expansion and commencement of the Gungahlin development in the north. In addition, the new lake in the Tuggeranong Valley has begun to fill with water.

The August 1998 image shows the 'greening over' of the Tuggeranong development in the south and the continued expansion of Gungahlin in the north.

Finally, the February 2000 Landsat 7 ETM+ image shows continuing urban expansion around Jerrabomberra, south of Queanbeyan, and in the north west in the Belconnen suburb of Dunlop. The lakes in the Gungahlin urban development in the northern part of the image have begun to fill with water.


Landsat time-sequence, 1987-2000.
Showing the changing urban landscape in the Canberra region.
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