Earthquake Details

Date and Time
UTC: 14 October 1968 @ 02:58:50

Location Meckering, WA. Most damaging Australian earthquake to date. Isoseismal map drawn by Everingham who also mapped the 35 km long reverse fault.
Coordinates: -31.620, 116.980
Depth: 10 km

Mwp: 6.5

Potentially Tsunamigenic

Solution status
Last updated: 12 February 2016 @ 22:29:25 (AEDT)
Solution reviewed: Yes
Source: AUST

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Earthquake location map


An image of the seismogram from the nearest Geoscience Australia seismograph is available for up to one week after the earthquake. Data from Geoscience Australia's seismograph network (AU) can be downloaded for this and other events from the IRIS Data Management Centre
Important: Read about the limitations of this data.
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