Earthquake Details

Station map

The following map shows the location of the stations that detected this earthquake.
Note: This map may not include all non-Geoscience Australia stations. Check the phase arrivals list below for all information

Phase arrivals

The following table lists the phase arrivals associated with this earthquake.

Station ID Station Name Phase Arrival (UTC) Signal to Noise Ratio Residual(s) Distance (km) Azimuth (°) Use of Phases
CAN MOUNT STROMLO, CANBERRA, ACT P 08/07/2014  15:17:07.62 -1.00 -0.19 100 6 Defining
- - S 08/07/2014  15:17:20.64 -1.00 0.13 100 6 Defining
CNB KOWEN FOREST, ACT P 08/07/2014  15:17:09.62 -1.00 0.05 109 24 Defining
- - S 08/07/2014  15:17:23.64 -1.00 0.10 109 24 Defining

Data and seismograms

This site is under re-development. In the interim, data from Geoscience Australia's Seismograph Network can be accessed from the IRIS Data Management Centre.

Follow this link to view. Alternatively, follow this link to download the data from the IRIS SEEDlink server.

Important: Read about the limitations of this data.
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