Earthquake Details

Date and time uncertainty: 31 July 1989 @ 16:21:12 (+/- seconds) (UTC)


Location (uncertainty)

Mwp: Not available Latitude: -40.750 (Not available)
Mb: Not available Longitude: 144.830 (Not available)
Ms: (Not available) Depth: 14 km (Not available)
Md: Not available  
ML: 3.7 (Preferred)  

Quality indicators

Solution status

Number of stations used: Not available Last updated: 15 December 2009 @ 10:10:22 (AEDT)
Number of phase used: Not available Finalised: Yes
Gap angles: 0° Source: Not available
RMS residual: 3.5 seconds
Important: Read about the limitations of this data.
Data retrieved: 13/02/2016 @ 09:44:13 (UTC)