Geological Time and Fossils

Geological TimeWalk

Geoscience Australia's Geological TimeWalk is a physical representation of geological time in the landscaped gardens of the Geoscience Australia. The TimeWalk leads you on a 1.1 kilometre journey through the Earth's 4600 million year (Ma) history and represents the evolution of the Earth from its formation though to the present day.

Since the TimeWalk's installation in the building in Canberra in 2009, large rock samples have been collected from around Australia and put on display at locations along the TimeWalk that reflect their age. Each rock has a story to tell, with geological, economic, environmental and/or cultural significance.

Geological TimeWalk Booklet
The Geological TimeWalk booklet describes major geological, climatic and biological events that have occurred over time. Geological events include continental drift, the break-up and amalgamation of continental land masses, mountain building and major volcanic eruptions.

Mobile App

Geoscience Australia Time Walk
The Geoscience Australia TimeWalk iPhone application guide visitors along the TimeWalk and give them the opportunity to read, hear and learn about the significance of these rocks as part of Earth's history and discover other interesting facts and events of geological history along the way.

Geological Timescale: Australia through time
This iPad app provides users with information about the various Geological Timescale periods, including details of life and minerals for each time period and animated Paleogeographic maps visualising the formation of the continents.